Billionaire God of War Chapter 2416

Chapter 2416

They’ve run out of choices at this point.

No one foresaw something like this would happen.

Compared to Greedy Wolf, Demon King was tougher to deal with. He was notorious for his battle strength, his scheming nature, and worst of all, his inhumanity.

He was ruthless and reckless when it came to achieving his goals and had never cared about the ramifications that might entail.

Ethan went back to the Underworld with Peter Pan to see everyone still there.

Vinny looked at Ethan and asked, “So, is Demon King dead?”

“No. We couldn’t kill him.” Ethan was forthright.

Vinny was slightly taken aback. He thought the men had joined forces and exterminated Demon King. It was now apparent that no one could kill that beast.

As long as Demon King lived, the Underworld would prevail. It was indestructible and savagely pernicious.

“Do you think you’ll be able to survive if the world is ruined?” Ethan asked abruptly. “I guess your loyalty isn’t with Demon King after all.”

Vinny turned rigid, but he wasn’t the only one. The rest of the Court Chiefs felt the same shudder. None of them were truly loyal to Demon King, nor Greedy Wolf.

Their loyalty to Demon King had been washed away as years passed. It was their fear of Greedy Wolf, or to be more accurate, Demon King, that had chained them to their position.

That was why they had to obey, or they would already be pushing up daisies a long time ago.

They had no choice in the face of absolute power. Efforts to run away would only be in vain. Fealty was their only key to survival.

“Hahaha… I’m at their mercy. What choice do I have?” Vinny let out a feeble laugh. “They could squash us easily just like you. Yes, we are Court Chiefs, but we’ve been living in inferiority more than anyone could compare. Well, we’re all going to die one day, so what difference does it make?”

Vinny took a deep breath and continued. “It’s a known fact that the Underworld will lose its ground when Heavenly Palace cease to exist. We have to understand that they live in equilibrium. The Underworld might thrive big-time, but it will start going downhill once it has hit its peak. This is the order of nature and destiny! No one has the power to manipulate it.”

Ethan wasn’t expecting something philosophical from Vinny.

He nodded in agreement and ordered the Court Chiefs to be released.

That startled the captives. Never had they thought Ethan would let them live. They didn’t mind being killed since they had to serve Demon King if they lived on.

“But why?” Vinny asked. “Isn’t it better to kill us?”

“It’s meaningless. Just like what you’ve said, we’ll all be dead if Demon King lives, and the Underworld will eventually be in ashes as the Heavenly Palace no longer exists.”

Ethan then looked into Vinny’s eyes. “I couldn’t help you, but killing you wouldn’t benefit me either. You know what? Let’s save our own lives instead.”

The former then left the Underworld with his men.

Vinny and the rest of the Court Chiefs were still in a daze.

They fully comprehended what Ethan was trying to say.

It wasn’t that he showed them mercy. He simply wasn’t interested in pointless endeavors.

They should’ve known that the Underworld would come to an end the day Heavenly Palace was razed to the ground.

There were always two sides to a coin, but they’d only thought of the Underworld flourishing with the annihilation of Heavenly Palace. They expected it to develop better with more resources, but things turned out otherwise.

The Demon King devoided the Underworld of its energy to exercise his ambition.

In his eyes, the Underworld was merely a tool.

“Hahaha! We’re just tools. Foolish tools!” Vinny mocked himself.

The Court Chiefs looked on at the deranged Vinny. They agreed with his words. It wasn’t them that had gone crazy. It was the world.


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