Billionaire God of War Chapter 2448

Chapter 2448

They could have never imagined that the Demon King’s eyes could withstand such a sharp dagger!


With a crisp sound, the Demon King sneered and stared straight at Brother Geoff despite having the dagger still stabbed in his eyes.


He looked at Brother Geoff. “Do you think this will hurt me?”


He raised his hand and sent Brother Geoff flying with a violent hit on the latter’s shoulder. “Weakling!”

“A-Argh!” Brother Geoff shrieked.

His arm was deformed, and his bones were broken.

If it weren’t for his fast response, the attack would have been lethal.

Brother Geoff rolled on the ground a few times before stopping and spat a mouthful of blood. His face turned pale in an instant.

“Brother Geoff!”

Number Five and Brother Geoff were also injured. Seeing Brother Geoff being beaten, they were furious and indignant. They had launched a surprise attack, but they still couldn’t hurt the Demon King.

They had never seen such a strange phenomenon!

When everyone saw the Demon King was about to continue his flurry of attacks on the injured Brother Geoff and the others, they desperately charged toward the Demon King.

“Kill him!”


“Stop him!”

More than a dozen of them went crazy and relentlessly attacked the Demon King.

They were not afraid of death or getting injured as long as they could kill the Demon King.

They executed the Battle Formation Spell with perfection. Be it a joint attack of a few people or a joint attack of a dozen people, their fast-paced combat and terrifying transition between attack and defense were simply amazing!

Even the Demon King could not have imagined that these mortal beings would dare fight him.

Ethan’s eyes were red. Brother Geoff and the others had already done their best. They brought the Battle Formation Spell to its fullest potential with the Boulder Formation. Unfortunately, it was still not enough.




Everyone attacked ferociously and spared no effort to unleash their most powerful strikes.

They even gave up on the defense because they knew that they would not be able to graze the Demon King if they kept a distance.

“Who would’ve thought that the Battle Formation Spell could be this powerful.” The Demon King exclaimed, “Your Battle Formation Spell is the strongest among all the techniques I have ever seen!”

Indeed, getting praised by the Demon King was no simple feat.

“It would be your honor to die by my hands!”

The Demon King suddenly erupted a frightening aura, instantly staggering everyone surrounding him. Multiple terrifying shockwaves of Qi pulsated one after another, overwhelmingly surging through them.

Boom! Boom!

The others were shaken down to their feet. They staggered backward and fell to the ground with their faces pale.

“Everyone, watch out!” Brother Geoff gritted his teeth and shouted.

One of his arms was severely injured, but he pressed on fighting with his other arm. He tried to stand up, biting the dagger, while glaring at the Demon King.

“You hurt my brothers. I’ll kill you!”

When he was about to charge at the Demon King, he was stopped by Ethan.

“Number Five! Protect Geoff!”


Number Five and Brother Geoff struggled their way over to protect Brother Geoff.

On the other hand, Ethan had already charged forward.

He defended the others behind him with his fists, forcibly resisting the Demon King’s blow.


The two of them stumbled backward.

At that moment, Ethan had no way out. His blood was coursing rapidly throughout his body as if it was about to gush out of his body.


He could even hear the rumbling sound of blood flowing in his veins.

A white current spiraled continuously in his core like a nebula. It felt like his body was about to explode!


The Demon King roared, “All of you must die here today!”

As he bellowed, he charged toward Ethan once again.

Ethan didn’t say a word. He bent his knees and dashed forward to intercept the Demon King, and the two of them fought fiercely again.


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