Billionaire God of War Chapter 3406

Chapter 3406

Chapter 3406 Assassination Of The North Pavilion

With that, the three elders of the South Pavilion left at once.

In the meantime, the Three Sages didn’t suspect anything at all.

If it was anyone else who came to invite them to the event, their suspicions would be raised.

However, due to their close relationship, the Three Sages assumed the invitation was extended with good intentions, especially when the terms were adjusted to accommodate them.

“It’s done. The Three Sages have agreed. During the festivities for the reunification tomorrow, kill everyone from the North Pavilion!”

Unknown to those at North Pavilion, a trap had been set for them.

Meanwhile, Levi was having trouble with his search.

Where are we going to find the Cetus?

Just relying on his subordinates alone was far from enough.

Previously, he could rely on the major factions for his search, for it was something they were more familiar with.

But now, that was no longer possible as the Ecclesiastic Order and he were now mortal enemies.

As Azure Dragon and his companions recovered well, they came up to Levi.

“Boss, why don’t we stop searching? This feels meaningless,” they complained.

After spending their time recuperating, they began to learn how to let go.

“Azure Dragon, this is something unavoidable. If we don’t find them, they will think that we are weak and continue to bully us. In fact, Forlevia and Floyd will likely be their next target. Therefore, only by wiping them out can the threat be neutralized. Furthermore, I’ll definitely not let anyone who has harmed my comrades go unpunished. Whoever is responsible for plundering their spiritual bones must pay!” Levi roared.

“You’re right! We can’t let the matter slide. Master, let us investigate the matter, and we will pull the Cetus out of whichever hole they are hiding in!” Floyd declared through his gritted teeth.

“Alright. However, all of you have to be careful, as we are still not strong enough,” Levi reminded while looking at them.

Azure Dragon shook his head in resignation. “Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be of any help at all if we don’t do anything.”

“Azure Dragon, why don’t I teach you my technique and all of you can try training in it?” Forlevia proposed.

Having heard the suggestion, Floyd was overwhelmed by concern. “No! Forlevia’s technique isn’t suited for us. If we train in it, we’ll go—”

Realizing that he was about to say something he shouldn’t, Floyd stopped abruptly.

If I were to tell them that they would go mad, Gloria would be exposed and everyone will know that she has learned Forlevia’s technique from me without permission.

When he saw everyone looking at him, Floyd changed tact. “Forlevia, just think about how powerful your technique is. Considering that Azure Dragon and the others are still weak, learning your technique might be too much for them. Besides, Azure Dragon should remain focused on recovery. As for the rest, we’ll take care of them!”

Floyd managed to think on his feet and swiftly diverted everyone’s attention.

Azure Dragon nodded. “All right then. We will continue to recuperate and not get in your way.”

Meanwhile, Gloria couldn’t help but smile when she saw how everything was going according to plan.

Inside the Corpse Pit, the Bone Grandmaster had begun work with the assistants Gloria assigned to him.

Among them were Bonemasters and elite medical personnel.

With regards to the list of items the Bone Grandmaster had given her, she had sent her men out in search of them.

As the Top Ten had been captured, their spiritual bones were about to be extracted.

Consequently, the source of their pride was going to be destroyed.

As they looked at Gloria and the Bone Grandmaster, their eyes were filled with horror.

“Please, please, let us go! I beg of you!”

Many of them were already pleading for mercy.

Gloria simply sneered, “Don’t worry. Everything you have will be transferred to my body, and I will pursue your target for you! By the way, I’ll introduce someone new to you tomorrow.”

The next day, the Holy Guild was going to emerge from seclusion.

Hence, all the representatives from the various factions were gathered for the event.


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