Billionaire God of War Chapter 3591

Chapter 3591

Chapter 3591 One Of Us Disclosed It

Levi recalled how mysterious spies had been exposed and caught near the base a few days ago.

Azure Dragon and the others tortured the ones they had captured for information.

After interrogating them, they found out that the spies were looking for their underground base.

As Levi had been quick to jump to conclusions, he assumed the mysterious organization had yet to pinpoint the underground base’s exact location.

After everything that had happened, Levi realized that could be part of the enemy’s plan.

By making him believe that the enemy didn’t know the location of the underground base, the enemy had lulled him into a false sense of security.

“Still, how did they find out the underground base’s location?” Levi mumbled to himself in confusion.

Not many know the truth about the underground base. Evie, Zoey, Azure Dragon, and Floyd are all very close to me, so they’d never leak that information to outsiders! Who could’ve done it?

Levi quickly ran through the list of people who knew the base’s location, but he couldn’t think of anyone who would betray them.

“What do you guys have to say about the underground base’s location being exposed?” Levi asked with a gloomy look on his face.

Everyone exchanged glances with each other, but nobody dared say a word.

Without solid evidence to back their statements up, anything they said could very well backfire on them.

That was why Azure Dragon and the others didn’t mention Floyd even though they suspected him of being the culprit.

Floyd, too, had his mind in a complete mess as he thought of Gloria.

I told Gloria about the underground base after the united forces attacked their base! Was she the one who leaked that information? No, that’s impossible! Gloria would never betray me! She knows this is where my mentor, family, and friends are hiding, so she must know what could happen if she leaked that information. She loves me very much, so there’s no way she’d betray me!

Floyd was getting frustrated as those thoughts flooded his mind.

Wait a minute… Could it be that Xylas captured Gloria and forced that information out of her? After all, my relationship with Gloria is no secret. In fact, many are aware of how I used to court her like crazy. Xylas’ parents are high-ranking officials of the Holy Guild, so they must have had many spies in the Ecclesiastic Order. It would be a piece of cake for them to obtain this information. Xylas was rescued by a mysterious woman after the extermination of the two deviant clans. Knowing how vengeful he can be, it’s completely possible for him to go after Gloria. He must’ve captured Gloria and used some kind of trickery to obtain that information on Levi. Yes, that has got to be it! The Cetus have tons of sinister techniques at their disposal, so obtaining information is a piece of cake for them. Given Gloria’s average capabilities, there’s no way she could handle their tricks! Hang in there, Gloria! I’ll find a way to rescue you!

Floyd was losing his mind from anxiety as he believed Gloria was being subjected to inhumane tortures.

“This is a very tricky situation, so please share any and all information that you have. Please do not withhold any information as it may prove to be crucial. This underground base’s exact location is a top secret known only by a select few, and yet, the enemy knew exactly where to find it. They couldn’t possibly know so much about us unless one of us disclosed it.”

Levi’s voice grew increasingly colder as he eyed everyone in front of him.

The rest of them actually had their suspicions pointed in the same direction even before Levi said all that.

While it all very seemed puzzling at first, it didn’t take them very long to figure it out.

Having long since suspected Floyd of providing Gloria with that information, Azure Dragon and the others slowly shifted their gaze toward Floyd, prompting the others to follow suit seconds later.

Since Levi had asked them to voice out their thoughts, they decided not to keep their suspicions to themselves any longer.

The look on Floyd’s face grew increasingly gloomy when he felt their icy-cold gazes on him.


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