Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 492

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 492-Caroline’s POV:

I was shocked.

Suddenly, I was pulled back to my senses.

Nervously, I looked into Charles’ eyes.His face was grim and his brows were knitted together.


Simon knocked on the door again; harder this time.I wanted to answer him.

But then, Charles held my neck.

This time, he seemed to have lost his patience.He no longer wanted to tease me by kissing me.

As if to show ownership of me, he kissed me overbearingly.I tried to protest, but Charles swallowed all the words I wanted to say.

He was kissing me hard and passionately.I felt as though he intended to swallow me whole.

“Say something, Caroline.I know you’re in there!” Simon said impatiently.

Charles’ kiss was so fierce that I almost lost my breath.I gripped his shirt, trying to push him away.

“Stop,” I pleaded as soon as I had the chance to breathe.

Charles put his hand on my hips, drawing me closer towards him.

His rock-hard dick made me feel like my body was on fire.

Charles’ handsome face was so close to mine that it looked surreal beneath the light.

The lust in his eyes made him look like a beast, ready to escape from its cage.

My heart raced.

“Caroline, are you okay?” Simon said from outside the door, sounding very worried.

Having heard his voice, Charles exerted more force on my hips.He nibbled on my ear, breathing into it on purpose.

Seductively, he said, “Do you want my help answering him?”

I grasped his shirt with both hands and shook my head.

“You… don’t do it.”

Charles lifted the hemline of my dress.He rubbed his cock against my pubis over and over.

With every passing second, our breathing became heavier.

I wanted to speak up, but in the end, all I could muster were moans of pleasure.

Charles growled, clutching my ass as he lifted me up.

Thereafter, he threw me onto the sofa ever so gently.

He then approached me with one hand pressing on the sofa.

One of his legs landed on the ground, and the other knelt right between my legs.

He then spread my legs apart Because of what we were doing, my clothes had become disheveled.

Slowly, Charles slid his hands into my clothes and began fingering me.

My body tensed up even more.

The movement of his fingers almost made me scream.

Outside the door, the knocks sounded more anxious than the last ones.I had to bite my lower lip just to keep myself from screaming.

“Good girl.Now relax…”

Charles’ husky voice resonated in my ears.

It was filled with so much affection.

Soon, lust intoxicated me and I was powerless against it.

I opened my eyes, entranced by the sight of the man in front of me, who was tortured by lust as well.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I cried out.I had no idea why I suddenly gave into my carnal desires.

Seconds later, I found myself unzipping his pants.

Thereafter, his penis was exposed.

He groaned, lifted me up, and kissed me even harder.

I could tell that he was no longer able to contain his lust.

His gentleness from earlier had turned into a violent passion.He penetrated me, swinging his hips back and forth.

I felt as though light was flashing before my eyes.

The pleasure of his cock inside of me was shattering my sanity.

For a moment, I even forgot that Simon was standing outside the door.

Indeed, I had forgotten.I had forgotten my promise to my father that I would never see Charles again.I had forgotten that I promised Simon that I’d give him a chance.

And I had forgotten that I told Charles that we should never see each other again.

All I could remember now was Charles.

This charming man was all I could think of.

Like a puppet, I swayed to his movements, drowned in his world of lust.

Inch by inch, I sank, unable to extricate myself from him.

Outside the door, Simon no longer made any sound.

The smell of hormones caused by s*x pervaded in the air.I was completely wet.

Even after we finished, my body was still trembling.

Gradually, my lust dissipated and I finally came to my senses.I was kind of upset.I was annoyed that I couldn’t stand by my principles, and all reason would go out the door when it came to Charles.

He, on the other hand, seemed to be in a good mood.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

The faint smile in his eyes made him look like a charming fox.

“You’re very good at tempting women,” I said.

If he weren’t, I never would’ve thrown my reasoning aside for him over and over.

Charles seemed to be amused.

He ran his fingers down my back, making me tremble and feel week.His eyes lit up even more.

“Nah… it’s just that you can’t resist my temptation.”

Blushing, I sat up from his legs and straightened my dress.

Charles put his hands behind my back and tied the straps of my dress for me.I shot him a glance before turning my head away in embarrassment.

“I, um… I’m going home.”

Charles didn’t say anything.He just held me tighter.I fell silent for a time and tried to remove his hands from my waist.

All of a sudden, Charles pressed me against him once more.

He lowered his head, gazing into my eyes.

“Baby, unless you agree to remarry me, I’m never gonna let you go.And I won’t allow you to be with another man, either, so you’d best prepare yourself!”

Every word that came out of his mouth was striking.

Charles’ POV:

I was glad that I had completely recovered from my cold.

For me, Caroline’s body worked so much better than any medicine.

“This is the second generation of intelligent robot developed by our company.It has human-like skin, and an iris recognition system.It is able to have simple daily conversations with people, play chess like normal people, and it has a deep learning algorithm.”

I was sitting on the sofa, watching the news report on TV.

Just then, Corey sent me a message.

“Charles, have you seen the news? Everything is going well, and the market value of our company is skyrocketing!”

I smiled with satisfaction and replied, “Keep an eye on Adam.He’s not going to let go of such a profitable project that easily.”

That afternoon, I received Adam’s additional investment just as I had expected.

From what I could tell, the money he was about to invest was all of his fortune.

People who were at a dead end usually seized every opportunity available to them.It was kind of like grasping the last glimmer of hope they had.

However, this fool had no idea that this glimmer of hope could turn into a nightmare and destroy his life at any moment

The phone rang.

It was from the hospital.

“Your grandmother has woken up!”


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