I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1751

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1751-“It’s because of David’s master!” Alba answered. 

“Who’s David’s master? I asked him just now, but he didn’t tell me.” 

“Grandpa Val, I think David’s master should be a Sacred Saint hiding in the dark of Star Kingdom,” Alba voiced her thoughts. 

Her words were like a bomb, causing Valerio to feel so dizzy that he could not say anything for a long while. 

‘David’s master is a Sacred Saint hiding in the dark of Star Kingdom? 

‘How astonishing!” 

Even if Valerio was the head of Treasure Trove and a partial Saint, he was still pretty shocked by what Alba said. 

One had to know that there were only six Sacred Saints on the surface of Star Kingdom, and they represented the six top forces of Star Kingdom. 

All of them were behemoths. 

Of course, Star Kingdom had been developing for so many years, so there could be other Sacred Saints hiding in the dark as well. 

However, how could they be sure that David’s master was one of them? 

A Sacred Saint was the strongest figure in Star Kingdom for now. 

How would they show themselves so casually? 

Even though David was acting like it was the case, Valerio would still doubt him before he saw it with his own eyes. 

Plus, he also noticed something in Alba’s sentence. 

‘She thinks! 

“So it means she’s just assuming and she doesn’t have concrete proof’ 

After Valerio calmed himself down, he asked, “Alba, did David tell you this?” 

“No, I just assumed. However, I have my reasons and I didn’t make it up myself,” Alba shook her head and answered. 

“And what are these reasons?” Valerio asked. 

Alba then told Valerio everything about her encounter with David. 

She told him about how David met Marlee halfway and brought her here to sell the raw nuclear magnetic ores. Then, she told him how David said he wanted to participate in a large auction, how she saw his first- rate Soulbound Weapon, the Evil-Splitting Sword, and how David killed the two beginner Sovereign Rankers next to Cornelius. She did not miss any details. 

When Valerio heard about the first-rate Soulbound Weapon, he felt an explosion going off in his heart. 

“How many people in Star Kingdom can afford to use a first-rate Soulbound Weapon? 

Even though the Fellowes family was in control of Treasure Trove and had a lot of assets, they only had two first-rate Soulbound Weapons after taking out everything they had. 

They were not enough for the three True Saints, let alone the Pre-Saints. 

They could only come across a treasure of such level serendipitously. 

Valerio never expected David to have one. 

How incredible! 

If David really had a first-rate Soulbound Weapon, then Valerio would believe that he had a Sacred Saint 


‘The first-rate Soulbound Weapon should be in the wooden sheath on his back. 

‘Then what’s in the jar in his hands? 

‘Since he’s always seen with them, I think they’re not simple as well.’ 

Now, David killing the two beginner Sovereign Rankers next to Cornelius seemed like it was nothing compared to him having a first-rate Soulbound Weapon. 

However, what Cornelius did confused Valerio. 

It would be detrimental for the Lightfoot family if the Fellowes family collapsed. 


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