I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1827

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1827–“Master David, are you saying that as long as we sign a contract, the transaction will

be considered complete, regardless of whether the Palmore family recognizes it or

not?” Valerio’s eyes lit up as he asked with some uncertainty.

“Exactly! At that time, you don’t even need to worry. If the Palmore family refuses to

recognize it, I will ask my master to find them and see what they want to do,” David

said pretentiously.

Both Valerio and Alba were overjoyed at the same time.

If David asked his master to come out, then things would be much easier to handle.

If a strong Sacred Saint came forward, both the Palmore family and The Saints

Association would have to pay him respect.

Of course, Alba and Valerio hoped that the Palmore family would disrespect David’s


If that happened, the two sides would fight. They wanted David’s master to crush the

arrogance of the Palmore family first.

“Okay! Master David, since you have said this, how could I say no? At that time, we

can only rely on you to handle the Palmore family. Our family won’t be able to do

anything anymore,” Valerio said.

“Mr. Valerio, don’t worry! Even if the Palmore family has Sacred Saints, my master

can deal with them. As long as the Palmore family dares to prevent me from

completing the task, they must pay the price.” David looked angry.

Whoever blocked his path to ascension was his enemy.

David did not care whether the other party was the Palmore family or not.

He had wiped out so many forces since he started from Earth.

All of them were the existences that he needed to look up to at the beginning.

However, it did not take long for him to completely destroy all of them.

The Palmore family was still the family that David needed to look up to.

However, he believed that as long as the Fellowes family cooperated with him, it

would not take long for him to fight against the Palmore family, and even destroy the

Palmore family.

“Master David, what do we need to do now?” Valerio asked.

“It’s very simple! All the projects of East League Trading Company are at a standstill.

Even the headquarters has not been remodeled yet, let alone the branches. Now that

the Palmore family is watching from the sidelines, it is definitely impossible to continue

construction. In that case, we can just start from scratch. Sell me some of your

branches at the market price and help me complete the task. Mr. Valerio, you don’t

have to worry. Just sell them to me at a just price. I will not give you a penny less, but

we have to sign a sale and purchase agreement,” David replied.

Although Valerio was prepared in his heart, he was still taken aback when he heard

what David said.

He knew some of the branches that David wanted, and there were quite a few of


Treasure Trove was indeed a big business.

There were branches in the medium and large trade zone on the Central Sacred


However, those were the accumulation of countless years of development of the

Fellowes family.

However, David had asked for hundreds of them at one go.

He had such a large appetite.

While selling a few hundred branches would not affect Treasure Trove too much, it

was not a small sum either.

Usually, Valerio would refuse.

He had done all he could, dispatching Treasure Trove’s resources to help David.

If he sold so many of his family’s properties, some people would think that the

descendants of the Fellowes family were being unfilial and were disappointing their


The seniors of the Fellowes family would not agree.

However, Valerio did not have a choice in the current situation.

They had fallen out with the Lightfoot family and the Palmore family seemed to have

started acting in advance.

If they did not build a good relationship with David, then the Fellowes family would

really have no hope at all.

“Master David, it will not be cheap if you want to buy so many properties in Treasure

Trove according to the market price. Are you sure about this?” Valerio asked.


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