I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1828

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1828–“Of course! As long as you are willing to sell, I can accept it not only at the market

price, but even at a rate slightly higher than the market value,” David replied


After thinking about it for a while, David sighed and added, “Sigh, Mr.

Valerio, let me tell you the truth! I am at the end of my wits now. After spending so

much money, East League Trading Company is still half-dead.

I am so ashamed, and I can’t bring myself to face Master. If I don’t make some

achievements, I will not be able to protect myself, let alone help you.”

Alba stood aside feeling guilty.

David handed East League Trading Company to her.

Everything was going well at first, and with some time, the foundation could basically

be completed. After that, they could start operating East League Trading Company.

It was a pity that the Palmore family suddenly disrupted everything, which no one had


With the status of the Palmore family’s grandmaster in The Saints Association, it

would be almost impossible for East League Trading Company to continue operating

without their approval.

“Master David, I’m sorry, it’s me who failed your expectations,” Alba whispered sadly.

“Miss Fellowes, don’t say that! It’s not your fault. You should blame the Palmore

family. After I complete the task and ask Master to come out, I will take Master to the

Palmore family. I want to see what is so great about the Palmore family.”

As soon as David finished speaking, Valerio said, “Let’s just do what Master David

said! Alba, you should immediately quietly gather some professional accounting

teams. Don’t let the Palmore family find out.”

“Yes, Grandpa Vai!” Alba replied.

“Go! Try to hurry up, what we need most now is time.”

“I understand.”

Alba turned and left after speaking.

“Master David, the Fellowes family will help you with your mission at our own

expense. I hope you will keep your word and help my family get through this crisis,”

Valerio said seriously.

He had thought this through and decided to throw caution to the wind.

While he was still the head of Treasure Trove and still in charge, he would settle

David’s matter first.

Otherwise, once the Fellowes family issued an order to revoke his position as the

head, Valerio would not be able to help even if he wanted to.

Those properties were nothing.

If the Fellowes family could not get over the obstacle that was the Palmore family, the

entire Treasure Trove would be lost.

He had nothing to worry about right now.

Now that it was confirmed that there is a Sacred Saint behind David and he could help

the Fellowes family, Valerio would try his best to meet David’s request no matter what

it was.

As long as the Fellowes family got through this, they would simply reestablish their

branches. They would have the money for it anyway.

This time, Valerio was not going to tell the family about the deal with David.

If the family knew about it, they would definitely oppose it.

Therefore, Valerio decided to proceed quietly and secretly.

In any case, it was a private sale agreement.

So, he would take a gamble to prove that his vision and judgment were correct.

“Mr. Valerio, don’t worry! I, David Lidell, am a man of my word! I will do what I promise


“Master David, let’s have a happy cooperation! I hope everyone can get the results

they want.”

“I am very sure of that!”

The two reached out and shook hands.

David was already getting excited.

The hundreds of branches of Treasure Trove, as well as the backlog of goods, must

already be worth more than one trillion combined. If it was one of a bigger scale, it

might even reach hundreds of trillions.

Now David’s lavish points had accumulated to more than 600 thousand points.

He only needed 400 thousand to break through to True Saint Rank.

Maybe this time, beginner True Saint Rank would only be the beginning.


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