I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1829

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1829–Alba moved quickly.

She was also very anxious now.

Anders broke through partial Saint and had come out. In addition, the Palmore family

was so aggressive. They not only seized East League Trading Company but also

gave the Fellowes family a stern warning.

This caused panic throughout the Fellowes family.

She thought that this matter had ended now that it had come to this point, and she

could not help David finish his task anymore.

Unexpectedly, David had a new solution.

Therefore, after receiving Valerio’s order, Alba seemed to see hope again. So, she

found two teams of accountants as quickly as possible.

Under Valerio’s order, they began to conduct asset accounting and valuation of some

of Treasure Trove’s branches.

The accounting of assets was also a relatively long process.

After all, there were hundreds of branches, and a lot of goods were involved.

The value of each branch was different.

For example, there would be a very large gap in property value between a medium

trade zone and a large trade zone.

The size of the branch and the number of stock goods were also added to the final


David did not really care about that.

Spending more or less did not mean much to him.

He just wanted to complete the transaction as soon as possible and get lavish points,

so as not to worry for too long.

However, Valerio was the head of Treasure Trove, as a businessman, his purpose

was to satisfy customers and at the same time achieve the purpose of making money.

Therefore, Valerio attached great importance to such a large transaction involving

hundreds of branches.

It was impossible for him to estimate a price at will and complete the transaction with

David before the calculation was completed.

Valerio commanding the accounting team of Treasure Trove and was intensively

calculating the price of each Treasure Trove branch.

He wanted to help David complete the task as soon as possible.

More and more people gathered in the large trade zone where they were located.

It was not just the masters of the Lightfoot and Fellowes family, but many wanted

criminals came here to try their luck after putting on disguises.

If they were lucky, they might be able to shed their identity as wanted criminals.

When there were too many people in the same place, all kinds of conflicts were prone

to occur.

The law enforcers originally arranged to keep watch here by The Saints Association

were no longer enough.

The Saints Association could only send more people since they did not have a choice.

Since there were too many strong people gathered here, the law enforcement officers

sent by The Saints Association had to also be masters.

They even dispatched Saints.

It could be said that because of David, this large trade zone had become unstable.

On the other side, the Palmore family was also preparing for the party.

However, the Lightfoot and Fellowes family’s actions attracted most of Star Kingdom’s


Therefore, the Palmore family was very dissatisfied.

Their purpose this time was to make Anders famous and increase his prestige.

They wanted to make him the head of the Star Kingdom Six and the number one

among Star Kingdom’s younger generation.

These were all gimmicks prepared by the Palmore family to promote Anders.

Originally, they thought that Anders could become popular overnight, and his name

would resound throughout the Star Kingdom, overwhelming the other Five to become

a household name.

Unexpectedly, he was robbed of the limelight by the sudden appearance of a


It made the Palmore family feel as though they had eaten a fly.

They wanted to kill this David person.

Anders, as the star of this grand event, had already broken several cups because of


He was a dignified partial Saint, the number one among the younger generation in

Star Kingdom, but this piece of garbage that came out of nowhere was stepping on

his head.

It was just too embarrassing.

How would Anders show his face?

Therefore, he also secretly arranged for many masters to go over.

If they spotted David, they should kill him at any cost.

Only in this way could the hatred in his heart be relieved.

Even though he was fuming and indignant, they already had a fixed date for the party

and the invitation has been sent out, so it had to be held on time.

More than a week passed quickly.

Eventually, it was the day for the Palmore family’s grand event.


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