I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1830

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1830–Because most people in Star Kingdom were focusing their attention on the impending

collision between the Lightfoot and Fellowes family and the young man David, the

Palmore family event was much quieter than expected.

Although the younger generation who received the invitation all came, the event did

not garner much attention.

Anders could not accept this.

The purpose of holding this grand event was to announce to the entire Star Kingdom

that he was the youngest partial Saint, and he was qualified to be the head of the Star

Kingdom Six and the number one of the younger generation of Star Kingdom.

However, what happened?

He did not get any attention.

Who was he announcing this to?

However, what made Anders’ blood boil even more was that the rest of the Star

Kingdom Six had not even shown up so far.

‘What are they trying to say?

‘Are they all looking down at me?

‘What insufferable bullies!’

As time went by, the entire Palmore family was in a state akin to the calm before the


The chilling atmosphere made all the younger generations of Star Kingdom who

showed up very uncomfortable.

However, they could not do anything.

They could not even leave.

If they left now, wouldn’t they be slapping the Palmore family in the face?

Who could bear the consequences of this?

Even if the Palmore family did not say anything now, they would definitely settle

accounts in the future.

Thus, even if everyone was uncomfortable, they could only endure it.

Furthermore, the Palmore family would not vent on them no matter how angry and

indignant they were, right?

Even if the Palmore family was one of the six top forces of the Star Kingdom, and their

strength was unparalleled, they would not attack for no reason.

Besides, those who were invited to come here were all the prides of Star Kingdom.

There had very powerful forces or families behind them.

If the Palmore family dared to attack these people for no reason, the forces behind

them would unite into a very large force.

The Palmore family might not be able to withstand them by then.

Outside Anders’ room at this time, a group of servants of the Palmore family was

standing in wait.

They were going to ask Master Anders to preside over the event.

The geniuses of Star Kingdom had arrived.

Since this grand event did not allow the older generation to attend, Master Anders, the

star of the event, would be the one doing it.

However, no one dared to knock on the door.

Everyone knew that Master Anders was in a bad mood.

Smash! Smash! Smash!

There were sounds of things smashing in the room.

Anders was throwing all kinds of precious treasures in the room.


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