I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1831

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1831–Anders smashed every treasure in the room. 

He only stopped once there was nothing intact and there was nothing left for him to smash. 

If he continued, he might have turned the entire building upside down. 

He stood there with red eyes. 

He looked like a beast in rage, wanting to tear apart everything he saw. 

“Arion, Tanner, Rooney, Domingo, Nithe, and David! And the Lightfoot family and the Fellowes family, you’re something else. You’re really something else! I will remember you all. I, Anders Palmore, will not give up if I don’t crush you to pieces in this lifetime!” Anders spat through gritted teeth. 

After he vented the anger inside his heart, he started to calm down. 

It had already happened, so he could not do anything more. 

No matter what, he should take care of the problem in front of him first. 

So many of the geniuses from Star Kingdom were waiting for him. If he did not go out, he would be the laughingstock of everyone present. 

After recomposing himself, Anders pushed the door open to go out. 

When all of the servants of the Palmore family saw him walking out, they bowed and called out respectfully, “Master Anders!” 

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have anything else to do?” Anders asked. 

Even though he did not sound angry, his tone was enough to send shivers down their spines. 

They were worried that Anders would hurt the innocent. 

Everyone knew Master Anders had a peculiar temper. 

What could they do if he killed or crippled all of them for no reason? 

“M-Master Anders, w-we’re here to get you to h-host the party,” one of the servants said while shivering. 

“Did I ask you to do that? Do you think I don’t know about such a huge thing?” Anders continued asking. 

“Yes! Master Anders, you’re right. We’re wrong! We’re wrong!” 

“Since you’re here to get me, why are you all standing outside? Why didn’t I hear any knocking?” 

“W-We were worried that we’d disturb you!” 

“I think you were scared that I would vent my anger on you! Hmph! You’re just a bunch of good-for- nothings!” Anders huffed heavily and strode away. 

After Anders was gone, all the servants let out sighs of relief. 

That was so scary. 

They thought Master Anders would vent his anger on them. 

Luckily, even though he was mad, he did not lose his mind. 

Anders came to the venue and found that thousands of people had already gathered there. 

The people who were invited were all the outstanding younger generation of Star Kingdom. 

The forces behind them were not weak. 

If one were to compare them on an individual basis, they were very inferior to the Palmore family. 

However, if they united, they were a very powerful force. 

Therefore, Anders had no choice but to attach importance to them. 

When they finally saw Anders, they stood up. 

‘The star is finally here.” 

Everyone knew the other five among the Star Kingdom Six were not here. 

Therefore, they thought this party today would fall flat. 

After all, if the five among the six were not here, how would they call this a party? 

This would be such a joke if word got out. 

Anders walked onto the stage and looked at the thousands of people under the stage. He endured the burning sensation on his face and announced, “Geniuses of Star Kingdom, I am sorry. Since we encountered an accident, we can’t continue hosting this party anymore. As the host, I sincerely apologize to everyone here. I hope you all won’t mind.” 

After he said that, he bowed to the thousands of geniuses below the stage. 

Without attention and the other five from the Star Kingdom Six, what would be the purpose of this party? 


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