I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1832

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1832–If Anders went ahead with the party, then he would be the joke of the entire Star Kingdom if word got out. 

At least four of the Star Kingdom Six needed to be present for them to represent the entire Star Kingdom. 

If not, this would be a joke. 

Furthermore, Anders was not in the mood to host a party anymore. 

What he did shocked everyone. 

No one expected an arrogant person like Anders to apologize to them. 

He was one of the Star Kingdom Six! 

Plus, he was the youngest partial Saint among the Six! 

This identity was a little intimidating. 

The Six were like gods among the younger generation of Star Kingdom. 

Anders, a partial Saint, was on the same level as the person in charge of a lot of major forces. 

One must know that the head of the Palmore family and Anders’ grandfather, Soren, was just a partial Saint. 

He was just a little older than Anders. 

If someone got into Saint Realm, they would be on the same level as a grandmaster in any force. 

So, it could be said that Anders’ position as the head of the family was almost unshakable unless he refused the position in favor of focusing on cultivation. 

After Anders said that, someone below the stage started to suck up at him. 

“What are you saying, Master Anders? We came for you. If we can see you, then this trip isn’t made in vain.” 

“That’s right! The reason I came here is to see you, Master Anders. You’re the youngest partial Saint among the Six. Now that I’ve seen you, I realize that knowing you by your reputation can’t compare to meeting you in person. I’m very satisfied.” 

“Me too!” 

“Me too!” 

The geniuses below spoke one after another. 

Of course, it was unknown who was being genuine and who was lying. 

Anders looked at the geniuses below speaking highly of him.. 

Honestly, he loved being the center of attention. 

Unfortunately, he wasted a chance to surpass all of the younger generations and became the number one among them. 

His hatred toward Arion and the other four, David, and the Lightfoot and Fellowes families was even 

more intense now 

He wanted so badly to kill all of them. 

Anders lifted his hands to tell everyone to be quiet. 

The geniuses below the stage immediately shut their mouths. 

“I am overwhelmed by your compliments. Everyone here today is my friend and if you need anything in 

the future, please come to me. As long as it’s within my power, I will never say no,” Anders said 


“Thank you, Master Anders!” 

“Thank you, Master Anders!” 

Everyone below the stage put their hands together to show their gratitude. 

Of course, they would not believe Anders. They all knew Anders was just being modest. 

Anyone who believed him would be an idiot. 

Now, everything was all about interest. 

If there were enough interest, Anders would surely help them. 

However, if there were none, he would not care even if they died. 

Even so, it was good for them to show their face here. 

Even though Anders would not remember all of them, it would still be beneficial to go to him in the future and tell him that they were at the party. 

“Everyone, that’s the end of the party. However, I’m going somewhere else and am wondering if anyone is interested in going with me?” Anders asked all of a sudden. 

“Master Anders, where are you going? I will go with you no matter where it is!” 

“Me too!” 

“Me too!” 

“Alright, since you’re so enthusiastic about this, then let’s head to the Central Sacred Continent. That’s where all the influential people in Star Kingdom are gathering now. Let’s go and have a look to see who’s causing so much trouble!” Anders’ tone was laced with a hint of rancor. 

“Everyone, let’s go to the Central Scared Continent with Master Anders, what do you think?” Someone asked loudly. 

“I agree! I heard there’s a young man whom the Lightfoot family can’t even handle. Let’s go see who he is!” 

“I agree!” 

“Come, let’s all go!” 

“Come with me then. Our destination is the Central Sacred Continent!” 

Anders waved his hand and brought thousands of geniuses from Star Kingdom to head toward the Central Sacred Continent. 


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