I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1833

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1833–The Central Sacred Continent. 

Large Trade Zone 47 in West End. 

As more and more powerful people gather here, things started to get out of hand. 

Apart from those who came here to try their luck, many people also came here to join in the fun. 

At this point, it could be said that the Lightfoot and Fellowes family had reached the brink of conflict. 

Since this place was now the focus of the entire Star Kingdom, if it ended with much said but little done, both families were bound to be the laughingstock of Star Kingdom. 

Therefore, the two major families were continuously increasing their strength. 

It was unknown how many small-scale conflicts between the two sides occurred. 

However, a large-scale battle had not yet broken out. 

The Lightfoot family was also holding themselves back. 

Now, the strength of both sides was about the same. 

If a large-scale conflict occurred, it was bound to result in a lose-lose situation. 

The Lightfoot family did not want to inflict damage on the enemy while they suffered a smaller but comparable level of damage. 

It was either they did not fight, or fight and then win at the least cost. 

However, the possibility of this happening was too small. 

The Fellowes family was not a small family that the Lightfoot family could manipulate. 

The Fellowes family had always been defensive. 

There was a Sacred Saint master behind David, who was recognized by the Saint Real, grandmasters of the Fellowes family. 

They would surely protect David no matter what. 

Although David was a Saint and he might not need their protection at all, the Fellowes family was only doing this to show off to David and his master. 

As long as they were approved by David’s master, the Sacred Saint might help the Fellowes family and help them solve their crisis with the Palmore family. 

Therefore, the Lightfoot family added reinforcements, and the Fellowes family also increased theirs accordingly. 

The Fellowes family would not take action first. 

However, they also would not allow the Lightfoot family to do anything to David. 

What the Fellowes family did make the Lightfoot family even more sure that David was in this large trade zone and was closely protected by the Fellowes family. 

At this time, the Saint sent by the Saints Association started to act as a peacemaker 

He made an appointment with both parties to conduct a mediation between the two families to see if the misunderstanding could be resolved and if both parties could stop the fight. 

If these two families started a battle, it would be very troublesome. 

It might even turn into a Battle of the Saints in the end. 


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