I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1834

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1834–Once the Saints fought, the consequences would be disastrous. 

The Saints Association absolutely did not allow Saints to fight on the Central Sacred Continent. 

Two old men and a middle-aged man sat inside the drawing room of Treasure Trove. 

These two old men were Saint Roald from the Fellowes family and Saint Koen from the Lightfoot family. 

As for the middle-aged man, it was Saint Moby North, who was sent by the Saints Association. 

He would be the one leading this talk. 

“Guys, the Lightfoot and Fellowes families are both big families of Star Kingdom. On the Central Sacred Continent, you even sit at the top of the ranks. Countless people are watching your every move. If you have any dissatisfaction, let’s talk about it peacefully. Don’t always think about using force to solve. everything. Have you thought about the consequences once the two of you really fight?” Moby was the first to persuade. 

“Moby, my friend, it’s not that the Fellowes family wants to fight! It’s just that the Lightfoot family is such an insufferable bully. We are just passively defending to protect ourselves!” Roald replied helplessly. 

Moby looked at Koen and said, “Koen, what requests does your family have? You can tell me, and I will mediate between you and try to satisfy both of you.” 

“Since you said that, I will tell you the conditions of the Lightfoot family! Roald, hand David over and we’ll let this matter go! This will be beneficial to both parties, otherwise, if this continues, we will both suffer. Countless people out there are waiting to watch us make a fool of ourselves. Do you really want to be treated like a buffoon by those guys?” Koen looked at Roald and said. 

“Koen, isn’t your family responsible for the current situation? It’s easy to avoid being seen as a buffoon. As long as you ask everyone to retreat, it will be fine. As for having David over, I don’t understand what you’re saying at all. We have nothing to do with David and I don’t know where he is,” Roald replied. 

“Roald, I was invited by Moby this time to come to you to solve the problem. Now the entire Star Kingdom is waiting for our families to fight, resulting in a mutual loss so they can reap the benefits as the third party. Don’t you know that?” 

“I know, but so what? You asked me to hand over David, but how can I hand him over when I don’t have him?” Roald said helplessly, spreading his hands. 

“Okay! Since you said that the Fellowes family has nothing to do with David, then open up Treasure Trove and let me search for him. If I can’t find him, then I’ll believe you and I’ll retreat with my people immediately. However, if I find him, not only will we take David away, but your family will also have to apologize.” 

“Koen, do you think I will let you do that after what you said? After searching Treasure Trove, you can just leave while we will become the joke of the entire Star Kingdom. How did you come up with this brilliant 

idea?” Roald said with sarcasm. 

After the Lightfoot family searched Treasure Trove, they could get away unscathed regardless of whether they found David or not. 

However, this did not apply to the Fellowes family. 

No matter what the result was, the Fellowes family would be utterly humiliated if the Lightfoot family was allowed to enter Treasure Trove to search for David. 

How would Roald agree to this? 

Koen might have realized that what he said was unlikely, so he did not insist. 

Instead, he asked, “Then what do you suggest?” 

“What can I say? You can only retreat. You gathered such a large force on my territory and this is already a form of provocation toward my family. I am already showing you enough respect by not holding you accountable.” 

“Roald, since you said that, does it mean there is no room for reconciliation? Two heirs of my family have died, and the murderer is in Treasure Trove. Despite this, you still want to hold us accountable? How ridiculous!” Koen sneered. 

“Koen, Moby is here so don’t talk nonsense! How do you know that the murderer is in Treasure Trove? Do you have proof?” 

“If the murderer is not in Treasure Trove, why are you mobilizing so much power here?” 

“This is the sphere of influence of my family. I haven’t questioned you yet but you’re questioning me?” 

The two were arguing fiercely, giving Moby a headache. 

Before coming here, he expected such a result. 

Prestige was very important to a family with the strength of the Lightfoot and Fellowes families. 

Neither side was willing to bow their heads. 

After all, whoever bowed their head meant that they had lost and would be laughed at by the outside world. 

It would be very difficult and extremely challenging to make those families retreat by themselves. 

In fact, the Lightfoot family felt that it was impossible to stop halfway now. 

They did not want to lose out to the Fellowes family who was at the end of an era and was about to go mad 

However, Cornelius and Archimedes’ murderer was in Treasure Trove. 

At this point, the entire Star Kingdom’s attention was directed at them, and it was impossible for them to withdraw just like that. 


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