I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1835

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1835–As the two were arguing more and more intensely, Moby had no choice but to say something. 

“Guys, listen to me!” 

Koen and Roald glanced at each other before they stopped talking. 

Moby was directly under the Saints Association, so they still had to show him some respect. 

Although logically speaking, Koen and Roald also belonged to the Saints Association, they had their own families and were not cultivated by the Saints Association, hence they were not directly under the Saints Association. 

Not only Roald and Koen, but all the Saints in Star Kingdom belonged to the Saints Association. However, there was still a big difference between being affiliated and being a direct subordinate. 

“Guys, the Lightfoot and Fellowes families are both major and respectable forces in Star Kingdom, and your strengths are almost the same. Once you fight, the consequences will be very serious. Even if one side wins, it will definitely be a miserable victory. Plus, both of you hold huge interests, and if both sides suffer, there will definitely be people with evil intentions standing by. If that happens, Star Kingdom will be in chaos, so think twice!” Moby sighed. 

“Moby, it’s not that we want to do this, but the Fellowes family is too intolerable,” Koen continued. 

“Who’s the intolerable one? Koen, you better make yourself clear!” Roald retorted immediately. 

“Of course, it’s you! You knew that David has something to do with the deaths of the two heirs of my family, but you are still protecting him. Aren’t you being intolerable by doing that?” 

“I think you’re the intolerable one! Why did you send so many powerhouses to my family’s sphere of influence? Do you want to conduct a demonstration? Or are you not taking us seriously?” 

“So what if I am not taking you seriously? What can you do to me?” 

“Then so what if I want to protect David so that your family can’t find him? What can you do to me then?” 

“Well, Fellowes, you old fart, you finally admitted it, huh?” 

“Yeah, so what? Since you dare to look down on us, why wouldn’t I dare to admit it?” 

The two began to quarrel fiercely again. 

Moby felt very helpless. 

He should not have agreed to come and be a peacemaker in the first place. 

The Saints Association should not have sent him either. 

No matter what, they had to send a True Saint to suppress these two people. 

Now, nothing he said would work, but he could not stay silent and let the two of them argue either. 

Moby was really afraid they would fight. 

“Okay! Okay! Can you listen to me, brothers? I won’t stop you guys from arguing or even fighting. At worst, I’ll tell the head and have him come over in person,” Moby said, a serious look on his face 

If what he said would not work, he could only use the name of the head to frighten these two people. 

As soon as Moby mentioned the head of the Saints Association, Koen and Roald shut up immediately. 

They were far inferior to the head of the Saints Association. 

Even the True Saint grandmasters of the two families dared not show the slightest bit of pretentiousness in front of the head of the Saints Association. 

This was one of the six known Sacred Saints in Star Kingdom. 

Furthermore, he was also number one figure in Star Kingdom. 

Compared to him, the rest of the Sacred Saints were still inferior. 

“Moby, there’s no need to inform the head. He’s too busy to handle us.” 

“That’s right! He has to take care of the major affairs of the entire Saints Association, so we don’t have to bother him with such trivial matters.” 

In order to avoid alarming the head of the Saints Association, the two finally stood on the same side for the first time. 


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