I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1836

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1836–“Is this a trivial matter for you? Don’t you know how much damage will be caused if a battle between Saints really happens?” 

“Don’t worry, Moby, we will know when to stop. Even if we want to fight, we won’t fight on the Central Sacred Continent. We will definitely go into the void,” Roald explained. 

“Yes! If we fight, we will inevitably go into the void. Didn’t TSA submit a proposal recently? If necessary, the Saints can take action, but they must be far away from where humans live. I heard that the five deputy heads of this proposal have agreed and I believe it will be passed soon,” Koen also said. 

As Moby was directly under the Saints Association, he naturally knew about this proposal. 

He did not care about the proposals now. 

He just wanted to complete the tasks assigned to him by the Saints Association. 

“There is indeed such a proposal, but it has not been approved by the head. So, you should stop! Don’t make the head personally intervene. Now, I have a few questions I want to ask Roald.” 

“Ask away, Moby!” said Roald. 

“First of all, I’m not asking in my own name, but in the name of the Saints Association. So, Roald, please answer truthfully.” 

“Definitely! Definitely!” Roald agreed wholeheartedly. 

However, he had an ominous premonition in his heart. 

“Is David, the person who is related to the death of the two heirs of the Lightfoot family, in Treasure Trove? Or rather, are you protecting him?” Moby asked seriously. 

The young man David was the key figure in this incident. 

As long as his whereabouts were confirmed, the problem would be solved. 

Moby was also curious. 

According to the content of the Lightfoot family’s warrant, this person named David was only about a thousand years old. 

He was so young, but he could attract the attention of the Central Sacred Continent and even the entire Star Kingdom. 

He was not a simple character no matter how he did it. 

After making such a big commotion, it was even more unbelievable that he could escape unnoticed. 

Moby wanted to meet this David person now to see who he was. 

Roald was stumped. 

Although he had expected it, when Moby actually asked him, Roald did not know how to answer for a 


The most important thing was that Moby was asking him in the name of the Saints Association. 

Roald did not dare to lie. 

Otherwise, he would be accused of not taking the Saints Association seriously if this was exposed 

He could not bear the consequences. 

Seeing that Roald did not answer for a long time, Moby continued to ask, “What’s wrong? Roald, is this question difficult to answer? Or are you going to make up an excuse to prevaricate me? As I said just now, I am asking this in the name of the Saints Association. So please answer according to the actual situation, otherwise, I will not be able to report this when I go back.” 

Roald, who was still fighting fiercely in his heart, made up his mind after he heard Moby’s words. 

The truth surrounding David would be exposed sooner or later. 

There was no need to make the Saints Association unhappy with the Fellowes family. 

Offending the Lightfoot family was enough of a headache. 

“David is indeed in Treasure Trove,” Roald replied seriously. 

Moby had an ‘as expected’ look on his face. 

Obviously, he had already expected this result. 

However, Koen flew into a fit of rage. 

Immediately, he stood up, pointed at Roald, and roared, “Sure enough! Roald, I knew it! David is such a huge figure, and it is impossible for him to disappear without leaving a trace. It turns out that you’re behind this! Say, what are you planning to do?” 


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