I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1839

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1839–While Roald and Moby were being polite to each other, Koen felt that there was no point in continuing to stay here anymore 

He also wanted to meet David, but unfortunately, Moby apparently did not include him. 

Even if he asked to tag along, there was no way Roald would agree, 

If that were the case, he might as well go back and inform the family first so that the True Saint grandmasters could make up their minds regarding how to deal with David. 

“Roald, I will trust you for now, but this is not the end of this matter. I can’t just ignore the deaths of the two heirs of my family. No matter who the murderer is, he must pay a sufficient price! As for how, I have to wait until I go back and inform the family first. Then, I’ll let them decide.” 

“You can do whatever you want. I’ll be waiting for you to come and thank me!” 

“Hmph! It’s too early to conclude whether we are supposed to thank you or take revenge against you.” 

After Koen finished speaking, he looked at Moby and continued, “Moby, I will take my leave first.” 

“Koen, please go ahead!” Moby responded politely. 

Koen left. 

After this, Roald and Moby were left in the drawing room. 

“Moby, why don’t you go back first? I’ll let you know when I have news. What do you think?” Roald asked tentatively. 

“It’s okay! Roald, you can ask David now to see if he is free. I’ll wait here.” Moby said casually. 

At this moment, he looked as if he would not leave if he did not see David. 

This gave Roald a headache. 

In the end, he could only say helplessly. “Then please wait. I will be back shortly.” 

After speaking. Roald also left the drawing room and went to where David was staying. 

Moby was not the same as Koen. 

It would be better to not offend him if possible. 

If not, the Fellowes family would suffer even more if the Saints Association was unhappy with them. 

“Sigh! Things are developing even more uncontrollably now. 

“I wonder what will happen. 

“Will the family find a glimmer of hope among all this?” 

David had been staying inside a hidden room in Treasure Trove all this time, not going anywhere. 

There was nowhere for him to go anyway. 

It was said that the people looking for him outside had already surrounded the place and were waiting for him to show himself. 

David was not afraid, but he did not want to cause any trouble. 

He had to wait for Alba to lead people to settle the accounting for hundreds of Treasure Trove branches, and then make a transaction with Valerio. 

After that, he would get the lavish points and break through to True Saint Rank. 

At first, David thought that the calculation would be finished in a day or two at most. 

However, the waiting period got longer and longer. By now, it had been over a week but they were not done yet. 

David did not know how long he needed to wait. 

True Saint Rank was right in front of him but the feeling of not being able to reach it annoyed David a lot. 

He would rather pay more, even double the premium to buy the branches. 

He had even made it clear to Valerio that money was not important. Rather, speed was of the essence. 

However, Valerio disagreed. 

He insisted that he could not let both parties suffer, and he wanted to stick to a businessman’s principles. 

David claimed he was willing to suffer a disadvantage, but it was still the same. 

‘It’s fine if you don’t want both parties to suffer, but can you do it faster? 

‘I can’t even eat and sleep now.” 

David was bored out of his mind after looking left and right in the room for a long time. 

At the same time, he wanted to know how Alba was progressing. 


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