I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1840

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1840–After thinking about it, David turned on the communication device and decided to call Alba. 

No matter how much time it took, he should at least know approximately when it would be done. 

The call went through soon. 

Alba’s face, transmitted through the communication device, appeared in the room. 

“Hello, Master David!” Alba leaned slightly closer and greeted with a crisp voice. 

“Miss Fellowes, hello. I’m contacting you this time to ask if it’s done yet. It’s been so long.” David asked. 

“Master David, not yet! But it’s going to be done soon. It’s very troublesome to do the accounting for all 300 branches. After all, it’s not just the properties, the various resources stored need to be considered as well,” Alba explained. 

“Didn’t I say that you can just give me a rough number? You don’t need to calculate everything so accurately. Suffering a loss is a blessing to me and I am not afraid of a loss at all. Money is not important to me. The most important thing right now is time.” 

David was helpless. 

Why couldn’t these people understand what he said? 

He had already emphasized it when they first started accounting. 

They had to be sure to keep the time as short as possible. 

However, more than a week has passed but they were still not finished. 

“I understand what you’re saying, but Grandpa Val said that since he is a businessman, he must settle the accounts and not be perfunctory. Otherwise, he will be being irresponsible to his customers and himself. I can’t do anything about that so I can only do as he says,” Alba said aggrievedly. 

She also wanted to hurry up. 

Besides David, Alba was the most anxious figure. 

The grand event held by Anders has almost begun. 

After it ended, he would come here for Alba once he had the time. 

Alba was very nervous. 

However, Valerio ordered them to check everything carefully and not miss anything before they traded with David. 

Therefore, what could she do? 

David slapped his forehead when he heard that. He did not understand what that stubborn old man was thinking 

Why was he so hung up on the details at this moment? 

Fine, David decided to accept it since he lacked a better option. 

“Miss Fellowes, how much have you checked, and how much is left? How much longer do you need?” David asked 

“Master David, there are still about 20% left to be completed, and it will take about three days. Since the 

remaining properties are in better locations, there will be more resources stored there. Thus, it will take a little more time,” Alba replied. 

‘Three days? 

“This is still within the acceptable range. 

I’ve been waiting for over a week, so I don’t care about these three days.” 

David continued to ask, “Then Miss Fellowes, do you know how much the 80% is worth?” 

This was also an issue that David was very concerned about at present. 

He wanted to know how much these 300 Treasure Trove branches were worth! 

It was related to how many lavish points he could get in the end. 

It would determine if he could only break through to the beginner True Saint Rank, or if he could go one. step further and reach mid-True Saint Rank, or even late or peak True Saint Rank. 

“Master David, according to the current accounting, the value has reached 150 trillion Star Dollars and the remaining 20% are in better locations so the value will be higher. The final estimated price should be around 200 trillion Star Dollars. It will not deviate much from this.” 

David was overjoyed. 

200 trillion Star Dollars? 

That would be two million lavish points. 

It was enough for him to upgrade his Body and Mind to True Saint Rank 

Now, David had more than 600 thousand lavish points to improve his Body. 

600 thousand would allow him to upgrade to True Saint level 7, 

If his Body was at True Saint level 7, the corresponding combat power for him would be late True Saint Rank 

The combat power of a late True Saint was very powerful even among True Saints. 

Coupled with David’s extraordinary mind power and his Evil-Splitting Sword, a first-rate Soulbound Weapon, he might be able to fight a peak True Saint if he met one. 

David was excited when he thought about this. 

In three more days, he would usher in a qualitative leap again. 


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