I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1842

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1842–He still needed to rely on the Fellowes family to break through to True Saint Rank and

even Sacred Saint Rank.

Thus, he naturally needed to have a good relationship with the Fellowes family.

‘There’s someone who wants to meet you. He’s in Treasure Trove now, so I wonder if you’d like to see him?” Roald revealed his purpose.

“Who wants to see me?” David asked.

It was fine for him to meet someone, but the main factor was this person’s identity.

If it was a True Saint of the Lightfoot family, David would refuse.

He was only a partial True Saint now and he did not even have the power to fight back against a True Saint.

He might not even be able to run away.

Wouldn’t he be asking for trouble?

“A Saint directly under TSA. His name is Moby North,” Roald replied.

‘Moby North?

‘What an odd name.’

David was pretty sure he did not know him.

Of course, he had not been in Star Kingdom for long, and he did not know many people here.

The only Saint he knew was Roald, and he knew a little about the Saints Association.

It was one of the five largest trading companies in the Central Sacred Continent and

the actual controller of Holy Root.

It was also the largest force in Star Kingdom.

The Saints in the entire Star Kingdom were under the management of the Saints


However, generally, the Saints Association would not restrain anyone.

Only when there is serious internal friction in Star Kingdom would they show up to

stop it, for example when two forces were about to start a battle or when Star

Kingdom was being invaded.

The Saints Association would also gather all the strength of Star Kingdom to resist

foreign enemies.

Normally, everyone would just mind their own business.

The ones directly under the Saints Association were trained by the Saints Association

themselves, and they were not the same as those from various forces who joined

much later.

Since Moby was someone sent by the Saints Association, David guessed that he

should have come to prevent the two families from going to war.

After all, both sides had gathered such a powerful force here and it seemed like a war

was about to start.

There was no way the Saints Association would allow this kind of infighting to happen.

“Roald, I came to the Central Sacred Continent this time under the order of my

master. I haven’t been here too long, and I’ve never been here before, so I’m sure I

don’t know this Moby person. Why would he want to see me?” David asked.

“David, you have no idea how famous you are now! Not only are you famous in the

Central Sacred Continent, but even in the entire Star Kingdom. Among the people

gathered from all over the Star Kingdom this time, a lot of them came on account of

your reputation and want to see you,” Roald explained.


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