I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1843

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1843–“Roald, since Moby is from the Saints Association, let’s meet him!” David thought for a while and agreed.

As the force to maintain the order of Star Kingdom, the Saints Association was doing very well in all aspects.

At the very least, he had not heard of any incidents of the Saints Association bullying vulnerable groups. 1

Everyone had only one word in mind for the Saints Association.


This was enough to show that the Saints Association was quite popular among the people.

Once they learned that a big war was happening, they would immediately send people to stop it to avoid the loss of life.

Just like the conflict between the Lightfoot and Fellowes families this time.

‘Thank you, David. I really don’t know how to answer the other party if you said no,”

Roald said happily.

Upon hearing that David would like to meet Moby, Roald also breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the Fellowes family was not weak, these two were existences that the Fellowes family could not offend.

One was the peerless genius David who had a Sacred Saint master while one was Saint Moby directly under the Saints Association.

Roald could not afford to either side.

However, if Roald had to choose a side, he would definitely choose David.

After all, David was already a Saint at a young age, and he would be a proper Sacred

Saint in the future. Furthermore, his master was also a Sacred Saint.

A sect with two Sacred Saints was the stuff of legend in Star Kingdom.

On the other hand, Moby was directly under the Saints Association and backed by

Star Kingdom’s most powerful force, but he was a pre-Saint, so he did not have a high

status in the Saints Association.

Comparing the two sides, David was clearly superior.

“Roald, you’re too modest! I’m not a woman who should hide herself, so why would I

say no? Plus, I have a good impression of TSA, therefore it’s good to meet their

people!” David said with a smile.

“David, you’re so righteous. I’ll go and bring him over here, okay? You two can meet

each other.”

“Why don’t I just accompany you there?” David thought for a while and suggested.

“No! Let me bring him here! David, don’t go out now. This is the deepest part of

Treasure Trove, so it’s safer. The Saint from the Lightfoot family was here just now

and I’m afraid he will find you.”

‘The Saint from the Lightfoot family was here too? How many Saints did they send this

time? Is there a True Saint?” David asked.

“Currently there is only one Pre-Saint, but there should be more in the future. They

may eventually send a True Saint too,” Roald replied truthfully.

“Understood! Roald, go and bring the guy from TSA here. I’ll wait.”

“Okay! Wait a minute, David. I’ll go right away”

Roald left after speaking.

David remained in the room.

There was a high probability that the Lightfoot family already knew his whereabouts.

The reason why they did not take action yet must be because of the Fellowes family.

Now, the Saints Association had come to mediate this matter.

With the three parties plus countless spectators, things were getting messier.

No matter what, David would only think about this when he got to True Saint Rank.

He would only have the right to speak when that happened.

If not, a partial True Saint like him would not be the opponent of the Lightfoot family’s

True Saint.

Roald went back to the drawing room.

Moby was still waiting here.

When he saw Roald, he got up and asked, “How was it? Did he agree?”


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