I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1844

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1844–‘Yes, but Moby, I have to explain David’s basic situation to you first so that you won’t be surprised when you see him,” Roald replied.

“Oh? Tell me, what is so amazing about this David person that can surprise me?”

Moby became interested when he heard what Roald said.

Originally, he thought he would be disappointed when he saw David.

He was just a young man under a thousand years old, so even if there was something peculiar about him, it was likely only just enough for Moby, a Saint, to take the

initiative to meet him.

Unexpectedly, when Roald said such a thing, Moby’s curiosity was piqued to the


“Moby, do you think that a young man like David is not worthy of you meeting him?”

Roald did not answer Moby’s question directly but asked rhetorically.

“I really thought so just now! But after hearing what you said, I think it was right for me to stay,” Moby replied honestly.

‘The Fellowes family are not stupid. Since we dared to offend the Lightfoot family for

David’s, and did not even hesitate to fight them, we naturally have our reasons.”

Moby did not answer. He was waiting for Roald to continue.

However, the curiosity in his eyes could not be concealed.

Roald glanced at Moby and continued, “David is the most exceptional person I’ve ever seen. Any genius in Star Kingdom, in my opinion, is rubbish in front of him and can’t

be compared with David at all.”

Moby could not hold himself back anymore after hearing this.

He asked, ’The Star Kingdom Six as well?”

‘Yes! Although the Star Kingdom Six can be regarded as geniuses among geniuses in the entire history of Star Kingdom, they are still far behind David. To put it bluntly, they

are not even worthy of kissing David’s feet,” Roald said with a very positive tone.

Moby could not believe this.

He felt that Roald must be exaggerating.

One of the Star Kingdom Six was in the Saints Association.

His name was Tanner, and he was the personal disciple of the head of the Saints

Association. He was very talented and was a partial Saint at less than three thousand

years old.

The head said if there were no accidents, Tanner could become a Saint before he

turned five thousand.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Six were at about the same level too.

However, there were not many Saints under five thousand years old in the history of

Star Kingdom.

This time, there might even be six.

Not only that, aside from the Six, there were also a lot of geniuses in Star Kingdom.

All of their talents were incomparable.

According to ancient records in the Saints Association, every once in a while, a golden

age would come to Star Kingdom.

During this period, such an age had arrived.

However, every golden age would be accompanied by a catastrophe.

Even so, no one knew what the catastrophe would be this time.

In Moby’s opinion, the Star Kingdom Six already represented the pinnacle of Star

Kingdom’s young generation.

Now Roald told him the Six were not even worthy to kiss David’s feet.

How could Moby believe this?

This completely subverted his expectations.

No matter how talented a person was, there had to be a limit!

No matter how much of a genius David was, he was only a thousand years old.

Even if he started practicing from his mother’s womb, how many years would that


Anyway, Moby did not quite believe what Roald said.

If Roald said David was almost as good as the Six, Moby would have found it more


“Roald, what you said is too absolute and exaggerated! Who are the Star Kingdom

Six? They are the leading figures of the younger generation in the entire Star

Kingdom. David is just a guy who popped up out of nowhere. How can he be on the

same level as the Six?” Moby said with a look of disbelief.

“Moby, you have misunderstood! I didn’t say he’s on the same level as them, but that

the Six are not worthy to kiss David’s feet at all. The gap between the two are miles

apart,” Roald corrected.


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