King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Chapter 177

Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Seven
He leaned down, his face buried in my neck, wrapping his arms tightly around me. He clung to me, almost desperately, for several minutes. I finally felt his body start to relax as he stood up. When he looked at me this time, his eyes were the soft blue I was accustomed to, with maybe a hint of rage just under the surface. He resumed his battle with my curls, that s**y smirk reappearing on his face. “Ivan isn’t the only one that’s wise beyond his years. I think you showed him how it’s done and just don’t want to take credit for it,” he said, smiling at me.
I laughed. “That’s the great misconception of life, that years make you wise. Trauma makes you wise. Hardship makes you wise. I’ve met some old people who never fa ced any adversity in their entire lives and they were f**king st upid.”
He smiled. “Diamonds are formed under pressure, as they say.”
“I wouldn’t go so far as to compare myself to a diamond. Do they have black diamonds? Maybe that. You know, to match my soul,” I said, grinning at him. He looked at me, his s**y smirk on his face, but still like he was lost in thought.
“I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done to deserve you, but I’m grateful for it. I can’t imagine my life without you in it,” he said as he pressed his lips to mine. I pressed my body to his, needing him to know how much I loved him. To know how I had been waiting my entire life for him. To know that my life was incomplete without him in it. To know that I would always be by his side. No matter what.
His desperation from earlier returned, tenfold. He pulled me to him, almost forcefully. His hands frantically pulled his shirt off me. Before I knew it, he’d ripped my panties off too. It never failed to make me giggle when he did it. I pulled at the drawstring of his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He walked backward toward one of the couches, pulling me with him, his lips never leaving mine. His kiss was passionate and unrelenting.
He sat on the couch, pulling me onto his lap. His strong arms were holding me tightly, like he didn’t want there to be any unnecessary space between us. He held me up so he could position himself. I might’ve been on top, but he was definitely in control. He pushed me down slowly onto him, enjoying the look of extreme pleasure on my face every time he entered me. I couldn’t help but moan every time, which turned him on even more. This time was no different. He stilled for a moment, his
breaths were fast and heavy against my neck.
His hands ran up my back, rougher than usual, but I found myself loving it. One hand stayed on the back of my neck, just at the point of my hairline. Where I couldn’t react earlier when he did it, I was free to show him just how much I loved it when his hand was there now. I moaned loudly, leaning my head back into his hand. His lips found my neck, kissing me roughly, then biting in the spots he knew dr ove me crazy. I started to slowly grind my hips against him, loving how deep he could go when I was in his lap. He wrapped one arm around my hips, pushing me down further on him. I gasped, my body exploding in nothing
but pleasure.
I couldn’t help but get completely lost in the feeling as he dr ove his hips into me. I leaned back, using my hands to brace against his knees, while I kept grinding against him. He kept one hand on my hips, the other roaming over my body. I could feel the warmth from his hand over my entire body, like he was leaving a trail of fire wherever he touched. His hand ran up my stomach to the space between my breasts. He lingered, just over my heart, and 1 felt my body explode into-an o*gasm like I had never felt before. My entire body was on fire in the best way possible. I was thankful there were no neighbors to hear my passionate moans as I rode out the intense pleasure.
Of course, Adrik knew just what to do to make my o*gasm last as long as possible, I had no idea how he could do that almost every time, but I loved it. It was so intense that I almost couldn’t handle it. Just when I thought I was done, he would thrust hard into me and my body would respond with another wave of pleasure. I could feel him building. I knew my extended o*gasms would always push him over the edge as well. He went to move his hand from my chest, but I caught it and put it back, holding my hand over his while I felt another wave of pleasure coming on. I bit my bottom lip, completely lost in the feeling, as
I looked at him. He cursed under his breath as he saw me bite my bottom lip and I knew it was his undoing. His deep blue eyes darkened as he watched me. I held his gaze, knowing he was close. His breath got louder and he pulled me down on him harder. My lips crashed into his, as he wrapped both arms around me, his rhythm increasing. I matched his movements, trying to make his o*gasm just as intense as what he’d just done to me. He broke the kiss, needing air. “F**k, Sephie. I can’t get enough of you.”
In one quick motion, he had me on my back on the couch. He h**ked his arm under one of my knees, pulling it up to my shoulder. He was driving into me, fast and hard, and I loved every second of it. I wrapped my arms around his neck, completely surrendering to him. I felt myself building again and I knew he was trying to make me o*gasm one more time before he did. I crashed over the edge, unable to quiet my loud cries of pleasure as he exploded in his own o*gasm.
We were both sweaty and breathing heavy. He collapsed on top of me as I wrapped my arms and legs around him, trying to catch my breath.
“I’m going to make you get a soundproof door so I can continue to look the guards outside in the eyes,” I said, laughing. My hands ran lightly over the back of his neck and through his hair.
He didn’t even lift his head, but he laughed. “I secretly love that they can hear you, solnishko. Because while many men want to make you sound like that, I’m the only one that actually can.” He ran his hand down my thigh and squeezed my a ss, causing me to squeal. “It’s a bit of a turn on for me, if I’m being honest.”
“So, you’re telling me I shouldn’t be trying to stay quiet when we’re out here or in the kitchen?”
He lifted his head to look at me, clearly curious. “You were trying to be quiet?”
“Not at the end there. You f**ked it out of me,” I said, grinning at him.
He s**y smile stretched across his face, his blue eyes smiling at me. “I love you, Sephie. Always and forever.”
“And I love you, Adrik. Always and forever,” I said as he moved beside me, pulling me to him. He moved my leg over his, wrapping his arms around me. I always felt so safe and warm in his arms that I knew I would be asleep in a matter of minutes. I moaned quietly as I snuggled closer to him, his arms squeezing me just a little tighter, protecting me even while I slept


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