King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Chapter 186

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Six
Adrik held me a little tighter as it was my anger that was threatening to come to the surface now. Ivan almost died that day and I still wasn’t over it. I looked at Andy, my anger oozing out, as I said, “you better start talking and if you lie to me, your face isn’t the only thing I’m gonna break today.” Adrik held onto me, but pushed his chair back slightly from his desk, putting the slightest bit of distance between me and Andy. Misha and Andrei also got up and moved in between me and Andy. Ivan stood behind Andy, Viktor and Stephen moved to the door.
Andy’s eyes went wide, as he knew he wasn’t going anywhere. He took a deep breath. “Sal is somewhat obsessed with getting you, Sephie. He found out that you know all of Massimo’s secrets.”
“HOW.” Adrik’s anger was now completely present in the room, which only served to feed mine, as well.
“Sal has been quietly talking to Dario, trying to get him away from Massimo for a while. The rumor about Sal and Dario hating each other isn’t true. It’s really Sal and Massimo that ha te each other. I don’t know how much you know about the relationship between Dario and Massimo, but it’s truly fu cked up. Massimo is a psy chopath of the highest order. He’s been controlling Dario since they were kids. Sal knows it, as he knew both of them when they were younger, which is why he and Massimo don’t get along. They all went to school together. I don’t know if you know, but Dario’s parents died when he was younger. He went to live with Massimo’s family after that happened. The story was that it was a car accident that killed them. It wasn’t. Massimo killed them. He was 12 at the time. Dario found out years later, but Massimo had already done so much damage to Dario that he
couldn’t leave. He’d convinced Dario that his parents were evil and he saved Dario by killing them. So, when you met with Dario and Massimo and Sephie let it slip that she knew where the bodies were buried, Dario is the one that told Sal. Since then, Sal has been waiting for a chance to grab you. He needs your help to end Massimo,” Andy said.
“Keep talking,” I said, my anger still fully visible.
“That day that we tried to grab you, we saw a chance and we took it. We weren’t organized, really, which is why it was so easy for you to get away. But we also weren’t expecting you to be so lethal, Sephie. We didn’t account for your marksmanship,” he said. I glanced to Stephen, giving him a wink. He nodded his head discreetly. Andy continued, “I was watching the whole thing from a rooftop. When you dropped the guy at the vehicle, I knew the plan was a bust. I was supposed to ki ll Ivan that day, if you tried to escape, but I lied and said I could never get a clear shot. I had a clear shot, I just didn’t take it.” He looked at the floor again, clearly nervous at how we were going to react. He glanced up at me, a look of regret on his face. “I’m sorry.”
I sighed. “Thanks for not taking that shot, but you still almost killed Ivan and that’s going to take me a while to get over.” My anger was still clearly at the surface. I surprised everyone by getting up and walking out of the office. I walked to the other side of the floor, trying to calm down. I could feel my legs starting to shake and I didn’t want to be in there if it got worse. I was standing at the window, not really looking at anything, trying to get control of myself so the shaking wouldn’t get any worse. I felt Adrik’s arms slide around my waist as he pulled me close. He didn’t say anything, he just pulled me back against him, holding me tightly. I knew he felt my legs starting to shake when we were still in the office and he could feel the faint shaking in my body now. “I’m okay. I just needed a minute,” I said, turning my head to look up at him.
“I did too,” he said, as he pressed his lips to mine. We stood in silence for a few moments. “Aside from wanting to hurt Andy for the kidnapping attempt, what are your thoughts?”
“I could tell he was hiding something when he walked in. I think the kidnapping attempt was what he was hiding, but I need to be sure,” I said. “I just didn’t want to be in there if the shaking got worse, which is why I left.”
“Don’t worry about leaving. I had to stop all the guys from coming after you.” He turned us both so I could see his office door. “They’re all there, making sure you’re okay,” he said. I looked toward his office and sure enough, all five guys were lined up outside the office door watching me. I couldn’t help but smile. He turned me around to face him. That fear from the night before was back. “I have a solution, but it means people will d ie.”
“No, it means the monsters that are manufacturing the brawn will d ie. They know what they’re doing. I won’t feel sorry for them if they get blown up,” I said.
He smiled at me. “I didn’t even say it out loud and yet you still know just by looking at me and Ivan.”
“Well, I mean, this one was kind of obvious. Andy said it was volatile and then you two look at each other like it’s pyromaniac’s Christmas,” I said.
He laughed loudly. I glanced toward his office and saw all the guys visibly relax. “Are you going to tell any of the rest of them your plan? I’m still not completely sure about Andy. I need to make sure this is the only thing he’s holding back, but he’s pretty easy to read. And I’m still not totally sure about Mike either. That dude has women issues that he’s projecting onto me. It makes me want to fu ck with him, if I’m being honest.” I looked at Adrik, a wicked glint in my eye.
“You’re the go ddamn princess, solnishko. You can do whatever you please,” he said, his eyes mirroring the same wickedness he saw in mine.


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