King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Chapter 207

Chapter Two Hundred Seven 


“No bother, Trino. What happened?” 

“One of my top dealers said there’s a guy asking a lot of questions about brawn. He thought he was a cop at first, but then he said he confronted him about asking so many questions and he dropped your sweet angel’s name and told the dealer to check with me,” Trino said. 

Sephie said, “that’s Chen, Trino. He’s asking around for me. He used to be my neighbor. I told him that any of your dealers would help him, but told him to drop my name if they gave him shi t. I hope you don’t mind.” 

“Miha, it’s good to hear your voice. I don’t mind at all,” he said. Sephie smiled at me. Trino added, “you’re a smart girl, miha. That was a good move telling him to use your name. I would definitely check that. I don’t want to ever be on your bad side.” He laughed. 

Sephie laughed as well. “Chen knows that your dealers are not with this plan. He’s trying to find out more info for me. Did he tell your guy what he knows?” 

“No, not yet. He found out more info?” Trino asked, clearly curious 

“Yeah, I was going to call you tonight, Trino. None of the dealers he’s talked to except one guy that works for Sal knows anything. Sal’s guy said they’re getting a head’s up before they switch the shipment. The dealers in his area of the city are supposed to lay low that weekend and not sell. Sal is trying to keep his area quiet that weekend to gain favor back from his people,” I said. 

We could hear Trino cursing in Spanish. “No shi t? Did he know when it’s happening?” 

“No shi t. He didn’t know, but that guy thinks Chen is in on the plan already, so we’re hoping he gives Chen a head’s up. Chen is trying to find the right person in your network to pass the info to,” I said. 

“And you found this guy through Sephie?” Trino asked. 

“Yeah, I used to live in the same building as him. I saved him from marrying a wh ore, basically, so he owes me,” she said. Her eyes went wide and she shook her head like she couldn’t believe she just said that out loud. 

“Miha, I know Jefe is right there, but I love you. Come to Colombla, mi amor,” he said, still laughing. 

“I’ll come to Colombia, but only to find you the perfect woman who already loves Colombian men. I seem to have a thing for Russians,” she said, grinning at me. 

“Deal,” he said. 

“I’m guessing the dealer that Chen talked to is a good contact if he does get a head’s up?” I asked, trying to steer the conversation away from talk about Trino and Sephie together. While I knew I had nothing to worry about, it still didn’t mean I wanted to think about that happening. 

“Yeah, he’s one of my top guys. I talk to him regularly. He can get the word out to all my guys quickly, too. Any progress on the warehouse or are you going to take my advice and go with the car bomb?” he asked. 

I chuckled. “We’re still working on it, but I do like your idea, not gonna lie. I’m beginning to enjoy your dramatic flale, Trina I 

smiled at Sephie. “Speaking of, have you picked out the cliff for Massimo yet?” 

“Oh, I have the perfect one, Jefe. I was considering a different one, but you’re right. It needs to be the tallest one I can find. I have the perfect spot. He’s going to be falling for a solid five minutes before he hits the ground. On fire the entire time,” he said. We could hear the slight edge of anger to his voice as he talked about Massimo. 

“Can you video that? That guy has always been a di ck to me,” Sephie said. 

Trino laughed. “Jefe asked the same thing. Okay, okay. You’re perfect for each other. I won’t try and steal you, miha. But please come to Colombia and help me find a woman as perfect as you.” 

“Deal,” she said. 

“Thanks for checking, Trino. Chen’s been helpful to us. I’d like to keep him around,” I said. 

“De nada, Jefe. Thank Sephie for her brilliant idea to drop her name. You two are becoming unstoppable,” he said, seriously. 

“That’s the plan, Trino. Keep me informed on your end. I’ll do the same here,” I said. 

“Will do, Jefe.” 

I ended the call. Sephie was still looking at me, a little surprised. “You weren’t kidding. He wants to kidnap me,” she said, smiling. 

“And to think, you used to think there was no reason to kidnap you. Now everyone wants to,” I said, smirking at her. 

“You are not wrong. The list of people who don’t want to kidnap me? Very short. The list of people who do want to kidnap me? Very long. Do normal people have this issue?” she asked, her eyes still wide. I couldn’t help but laugh. She smacked my arm. “This is not funny! Wait, no. It’s a little funny,” she said as she couldn’t keep her own laughter in any longer. 

I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. There were times where I felt overwhelmed with how much I loved this woman. This was one of those times. We were being completely ri diculous about a serious subject, but I found myself feeling lighter any time I laughed with her. About anything. It felt like there were no limits to how happy she could make me, regardless of what was 

going on. 

Just as I deepened the kiss, my hand moving to the back of her neck, my phone rang again. I groaned against her lips as 1 looked down to see who it was this time. I looked at her, smiling up at me, her lips fuller from my kiss. I groaned again. “I need to take this, solnishko. I’m sorry,” I said, answering the phone. It was a business associate I’d been waiting to hear from. 

I stayed in front of her, one hand on her thigh, as I had the conversation. She reached up and started to run her fingers lightly over my neck, down my chest where my shirt was unbuttoned. She was making it hard to concentrate. She reached up and kissed my neck lightly, letting her teeth graze my neck just barely. I cleared my throat to keep from making a different noise. She leaned back, a devilish grin on her face. I looked at her sternly as I was talking. Her fingers continued to run lightly over my neck and chest. I had to catch her hand and stop her. I had asked my associate to repeat a sentence twice already because 1 couldn’t concentrate. I heard her giggle quietly as she pushed me back so she could hop off the counter. She gave me one last kiss to my cheek as she walked out of the bathroom.


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