King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Chapter 215

Chapter Two Hundred Fifteen 


I woke the next morning with Sephie laying across my chest. I ran my hand through her hair, causing her to snuggle closer to me. I loved her close to me, even more so after our long conversation last night. She never failed to make me feel like I was even more in love with her anytime we had a serious conversation, but last night was even more than usual. 

She’s had quite possibly the roughest week since I’ve known her, which is saying quite a lot. Her light was starting to dim again, but not because she was physically hurt this, time. After she gave the description of the doctor to the police, I could tell she was struggling to close the door once again on that part of her life. It might’ve been easier had she not had to also deal with the Mike situation and trying to close the door on that part of her life at the same time, on top of dealing with Max unexpectedly showing up. 

She was dealing with more than most people would be able to handle and yet she was still concerned about Misha and Andrei. When I finally woke her up out of her nightmare last night, she almost immediately went to Misha to comfort him. I never minded her going to the guys, but my patience was short last night I knew the forced procedure had affected her, but hearing her scream and plead for it not to happen made it more real. She was devastated. We could all plainly hear the despair in her voice as she pleaded for them not to do it. I wanted to help her, to make her feel better. But not even one minute after she wakes up, she’s consoling him. 

That’s who she is and that’s one of many things I love about her, but I do find myself wishing she would be a little more selfish sometimes. Maybe I’m being selfish for wanting that, as her light is brighter after she takes care of herself. I need her light. I need her. 

I inhaled deeply, pulling her close to me. She started to stir as I ran my hand lightly over her back. She lifted her head, resting her chin on my chest as she smiled at me. “Good morning,” she said, sleepily. I would never tire of how s*xy she looked in the mornings. Her hair was always even more out of control than usual, which gave her a wild look that made it hard to control myself. “Have you been awake long?” she asked, rubbing her eyes. 

I pulled her to me and rolled us both over so she was on her back and I was on top of her. “Not long. I could watch you sleep for days anyway,” I said, gently pressing my lips to hers. She smiled at me, reaching for my face. I closed my eyes as she lightly ran her fingers through my short stubble. I remembered something else Ms. Jackson had said to me that night that I had asked her to move here. I smiled thinking back to that conversation. 

“What are you thinking about?” Sephie asked. I opened my eyes to find her looking at me, a curious smile on her face. 

“The night I went to ask Ms. Jackson if she would move here. I asked her to keep it a secret so I could surprise you. I think she said something like ‘you’re in deep boy. Hope you know how to swim,”” I said, in my best impression. 

Sephie laughed. “That sounds just like her. I think she even said something like that to me when she was trying to convince me you were in love with me.” 

I ran my fingers lightly over her face, taking in how she looked this morning. Her light was brighter. She felt better after our long conversation last night, She caught me staring at her and raised an eyebrow, still wondering what was going on in my mind. “Your light is brighter again. You feel better after our talk last night, no?” 

She smiled sweetly at me, nodding her head. “I feel lighter again.” 

I leaned down, kissing her quickly. “Good. Now, will you make me a promise?” 

“Depends on the promise?” she asked, curious. 

“Promise me you’ll talk to me. Or Ivan, if you’re worried that I’m too busy. We will always be able to handle it, but you have to start being selfish more and taking care of you before you take care of everyone else.” 

Her smile faded slightly, but her eyes were still happy. “That’s why you pulled me out of the office so quickly last night. Because I went to try and make Misha feel better.” 

I nodded. “We all heard the despair in your voice when you were sleeping, then I finally got you awake and within one minute you were trying to make him feel better. Not that I mind you making them feel better. It’s not that. But you need the same, Sephie. I need you.” 

“I still didn’t know I was talking in my sleep’ last night, but I promise I will talk to you and Ivan more about what I’m dealing with.” She looked at me sincerely. I squinted my eyes at her, not believing her fully yet. She smiled as she raised her pinky for me to grab. I couldn’t help but grin at her as I grabbed her pinky, knowing she was serious. She leaned up and kissed my gently. “Does Ivan know what you just volunteered him for?” She had a mischievous grin on her face. 

“I can’t imagine he’ll mind. He loves you, Sephie. Almost as much as I do,” I said, smiling at her. “Besides, it’s his job to protect you. In all the realms. And in all lifetimes.” 

I felt my heart threaten to stop as her gorgeous smile crept across her face. She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her. “I love you, Adrik. More and more each day,” she said as she pressed her lips to mine.


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