King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Chapter 246

Chapter Two Hundred Forty-Six 


“You’re not going to like this, Trino,” I said. 

“I love it when you get straight to the point, lefe,” Trino said, laugh 

“Sephie overheard Armando talking to one of his business associates. They were speaking Italian so they thought no one could hear them,” I said. 

“Doesn’t Armando know she can understand Italian? I mean, he was there when she told me and Martin that she understands Italian. Does he have memory issues?” Trino asked. 

Sephie laughed. “I stayed out of his line of sight, Trino. I can be invisible when I need to be,” she said. 

He chuckled. “Miha, your talents are endless.” 

“Apparently the Mexicans have reached a new deal with Anthony and Lorenzo. They’re still trying to bypass you and have convinced people that’s possible,” I said. “The other man was trying to convince Armando to switch sides.” 

We all waited, trying not to laugh too loudly, as Trino went on a cursing tirade. He was nice enough to pull the phone away from his mo uth, but we could still clearly hear him. When he finally got himself under control, he asked, “and what of Armando?” 

“I don’t know the answer to that one, Trino. He resisted at first, but by the end of the conversation, he made it seem like he was. considering it. But it’s Armando. He doesn’t like confrontation. I also couldn’t see his face, so I can’t say for sure what he was thinking,” Sephie said. 

“Puta,” Trino said, which made Sephie laugh. She looked up, realizing I didn’t understand. “He called him a bi tch,” she said. quietly, still laughing about it. 

“Are Anthony and Lorenzo still there, Trino?” she asked. 

“Si, Miha. I just met with them yesterday. They must be negotiating with the Mexicans over the phone. They haven’t left Colombia. Not even while I was gone to meet with you. I have people watching them around the clock. The Mexicans wouldn’t dare set foot in Colombia either, so they have to be speaking over the phone. Who makes a deal like this over the phone?” Trino said. We waited for another cursing tirade to finish. 

Sephie giggled. “You’re not wrong, Trino, but I think we’ve clearly established that we’re not dealing with the best and brightest here. I don’t even know the Mexicans but I can tell they’re mo rons if they think they can bypass you.” 

“You haven’t even been in this world for very long and you already recognize this. These people were raised in this world and they think they can go around me,” Trino said. 

“I’m more worried about what this will mean for the Mexicans. I don’t want to start a war between you and them,” I said. 

“It could give Trino a reason to get rid of Anthony and Lorenzo, though. Trino finds out they’ve been making deals behind his back, rightfully loses his shi t and impresses all of us with his dramatic flair when it comes to the death of his enemies,” Sephie said. She was smiling as she said it, as I’m sure she knew how much she was stroking Trino’s ego. “It also se nds a message to anyone else that tries to bypass Trino,” she added. 

Trino was quiet for a moment. “You haven’t been in this world very long and you can run shi t better than I can, Miha. You’re right, though. It can take care of the problem with Anthony and Lorenzo, but I might need help with the Mexicans. They’ve been looking for a way around me for years. I wouldn’t put it past them to declare war, with or without Anthony and Lorenzo,” 

he said. 

“We will help you as much as we can, Trino. You’ve been a huge help to us through all of this. My list of people I can trust is dwindling. You remain loyal to me, I remain loyal to you,” I said. 

“I feel the same, Jefe. And also, I’m scared of your girlfriend’s wr ath,” Trino said, laughing. 

“I knew you were a smart man, Trino,” Sephie said. 

We ended the call shortly after. Ivan chuckled, shaking his head. “Sephie, you’re becoming a genius at strategy.” 

“You didn’t hear her in the meeting, Ivan,” Viktor said, laughing. “Strategy and marketing,” he said, looking proudly at her. 

“Okay, the building project one was obvious, so I don’t get credit on that one. I just spelled it out plainly for them,” she said. “And the other matter is more because my patience is wearing thin. I also may have wanted to send a message to Armando in the most passive-aggressive way possible,” she said. A sly smile came across her face as she watched all the guys comprehend 

what she’d just said. 

“I rest my case,” Ivan said. 

“But it may not be the best fix, either. If Trino takes care of all the bosses that met with him, that might send the message that he’s the one that really has the power and is running things,” she said, chewing on her bottom lip as she contemplated 

alternative scenarios. 

“Not if we take care of the bosses here at the same time,” Ivan said. “Everyone knows that Boss and Trino have a great relationship. This only serves to strengthen that. Essentially, they’re trying to oust both Trino and Boss with this move. Everyone in the city, with the exception of maybe Mando, will go along with Anthony and Lorenzo. It’s a move against Boss, but it’s a move against Trino if they make a deal with the Mexicans.” 

“Trino takes care of the bosses down there, we take care of the ones up here, then everyone gets the message never to try this again,” Viktor said. “You have a solid plan, Sephie. Don’t doubt your first instinct.” 

“Add in the doctor and the brawn operation to this equation. The people of the city also get the message that Boss won’t stand for that and is doing everything he can to protect the people of the city. Win-win,” Stephen said. 

1 glanced at Sephie, who met my gaze, but we both immediately looked to Misha for confirmation. He had the faraway look in his eye, but looked at both of us shortly after. “Oh, it’s a go.” His upper body shuddered. “Yep, definite go.” 

Sephie laughed at Misha’s response. “I like it when it’s strong enough I can see it, Misha.” 

“I might also have the cherry on top for all this,” Stephen said. He was trying not to smile when he said it, but a devious grin stretched across his face. We all looked toward him, curious as to what else he could add. “I was in the gym with Keith last night when they got back from Armando’s house. It seems Giana has a problem,” he said, tapping the side of his nose. 

“How does Keith know that?” Ivan asked. 

“He’s been suspecting she has a problem for a while now. She dropped her bag at some point, spilling the contents, and a very suspicious vial of wh ite powder fell out. Keith saw it as he was helping her gather her things from the ground. She grabbed it from his view quickly. He didn’t say anything about it, but he’s been keeping an eye on her since. She’s not supposed to go to the lobby by herself, but he said she has been. He started to suspect that she was. He said she would say she was going to Ms. 

Jackson’s apartment, then she would sneak to the lobby. He caught her once, but she didn’t see him. He asked the guys in the lobby to let him know anytime she was down there and what she was doing. Apparently, she meets a guy in the lobby, gets at package from him or a food container or something that looks innocent enough and would need to be paid for, then goes back upstairs. Since the guys downstairs didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to be in the lobby by herself, they never paid super close attention. After Keith started asking questions, they went back over the security footage She ditches whatever container she gets before she gets on the elevator, after she removes something from it. You can’t tell what I is on the footage, but it’s small enough to put it in her pocket. She meets this guy like clockwork, wice a week. Always the same guy. Always the same time,” Stephen said. 

“Okay, so for one? RUDE. But it explains why she would accuse me of being an addict. People always accuse others of what they’re doing. And two? Just to play Devil’s advocate here, what if it’s not just drugs she’s getting from this dude? What else could she be getting from him? What else could she be giving him? Why do I sound like a completely paranoid person right. now?” Sephie said, chewing on her lip. 

Ivan cracked his knuckles. “I love a good mystery,” he said, grinning. “This could actually be fun.” 

“I’m almost scared to ask where your mind is going on this one, Super Squish,” Sephie said. 

“Pickpocketing is a highly underrated skill, princess. He doesn’t even need to know we know who he is. She doesn’t need to know we’re on to her, either. We get our answers and they’re not any wiser,” Ivan said. 

“Devious. Efficient. Orchestrated. Choreographed, even. I’ll allow it,” she said, grinning at Ivan. He simply looked at Misha, who thought for a minute, then nodded in agreement. 

“Yoden, do you know when that guy will be here next?” she asked. I feel like this is going to be a present for me. I need to know how long I have to wait for it.” I laughed at her, putting my arm around her, and pulling her to me. 

“Keith said the guy comes every Tuesday and Friday. Always in the afternoon, because Glana uses the excuse of having tea with Ms. Jackson in the afternoon as her cover,” Stephen said. 

“Puta,” Sephie said quietly. I couldn’t help but laugh now that I knew what that word meant. 

“I completely agree. I wonder if Ms. Jackson knows she’s being used?” I asked. 

“Let’s find out what’s going on for sure and then I’m happy to put a stop to that,” Ivan said. “I can’t believe she would use her as a cover for this.” He was visibly angry. 

“Super Squish. You’re going to break so many hearts at the Bingo Hall once they find out about this,” Sephie said. 

Right on time.


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