Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2136

Chapter 2136

Donald hurriedly pulled Sean and asked in a low voice, “When did she come back?”

“This morning.” Sean replied with a smile, “Mr. Lindberg personally went to the airport to pick her up.”

“Huh?” said Donald. He was practically dumbfounded. “Didn’t they break up? Also, Danrique had already implicitly admitted to the rumors related to the Atkinson family, hadn’t he? There’s also the matter regarding the king…”

“These are all private matters of sir, how should I know.” Sean smiled, “Mr. Donald, let me send you down.”

“What the h-e-l-l is going on here?” Donald was anxious, “Danrique isn’t going to marry this woman, is he? He’s been refusing to agree to the President’s side because of her.”

“It could be oh.” Sean chimed in.

“No way.” Donald was stunned, “How can he be so dead-hearted? This woman wants nothing, what does he see in her?”

“Shhh~~” Ms.Lindberg hurriedly interrupted Donald and reminded, “Mr.Lindberg is treating Ms.Felch as a treasure, he will be very unhappy if he kills to hear you say that.”

“Thi…ugh..” Donald was about to die of anger, but there was nothing he could do but to brush his sleeves away.

“Mr.Donald take care.” Sean looked at his back and only felt like laughing, this man, in order to stabilize his position, can worry too much.

Mr.Lindberg was not his son, even if he was, he couldn’t control him.

The gentleman was arrogant by nature, and what he decided for himself, he must not allow anyone to sway him, just like when he wanted to marry Francesca, the emperor couldn’t even stop him.

Not to mention a little Donald.

“Knock knock!”

Francesca knocked symbolically on the door, then knocked directly to Danrique’s study.

“Finished with dinner?” Danrique knew it was her without even raising his head.

“How did you know it was me?” Francesca walked over to the desk and sat down on the black sofa opposite Danrique, her legs raised on the chair, spinning around like a child playing.

“Apart from you, who would dare to come in directly without my permission?” Danrique raised his eyes to look at her and couldn’t help but curl his lips, “Looks like we’ll have to build an amusement park at home in the future!”

“Yeah, yeah, you have such a big place here, there’s more than enough room to build an amusement park.”

Francesca smiled cheekily, just like a carefree child.

She didn’t know why? She unknowingly becomes like this in front of him.

“Then you’ll have to give me lots of children to play with you.” Danrique leaned back in his seat and looked at her tenderly.

Francesca’s eyes flickered a little as she remembered her physical condition, but quickly smiled again, “It depends on the will of God!”

“What kind of providence does it depend on to give birth to a child?” Danrique gave her a blank look, “Our Lindberg family has the triplet gene, as long as you are pregnant, you will be able to have a table!”

“Triplet gene?” Francesca stopped spinning her chair and flung herself onto the desk, asking curiously, “Then how come you don’t have any siblings?”

“There are, they’re all dead.” Danrique replied indifferently, “My mother gave birth to triplets, but only I survived, the other two were killed right after birth.”

Francesca’s heart trembled, she never knew that Danrique had such an experience.

“My aunt and my father, and another deceased uncle were also triplets, but they didn’t live long.” Speaking of this, Danrique’s lips curled up in a mocking arc, “Everyone in the Lindberg family had a short life, but it was actually because of the man-eating infighting. But it’s alright now, I’ve killed them all, the Lindberg Family, I’m in charge!” When saying these words, Danrique was speaking in a light tone, as if he was stating a trivial matter that was not worth mentioning.


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