Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2137

Chapter 2137

Francesca froze, staring at him in a daze. In all the time they had known each other. She had never known that Danrique would have this side.

Danrique had never told Francesca this either, probably because now that he had skin to skin, he was willing to open up to her.

So there would be no more avoiding any secrets.

“What? Scared?” Danrique raised his eyes to look at Francesca.

“Not.” Francesca shook her head, “I think you are a kind person at heart, you won’t just kill people, much less innocent people.”

This was the truest feeling in her heart. She always remembered that when they had first met, when they were lost in the forest in Lightspring, he had let Sean and Sloan go first and stayed behind to cover for himself.

A man of his stature had never been surrounded by people sworn to protect him.

But instead he put in protecting those around him. Not only that one time, but also several other experiences that followed.

Danrique looked cold-blooded and ruthless, but in fact had feelings and righteousness, and because of this, the people around him would swear their loyalty to him!

Francesca did not believe that such a person would kill innocent people indiscriminately.

“Everyone says I am a bloodthirsty devil, yet you say I am kind.” Danrique smiled as he looked at Francesca, “Do you know that you are naive?”

“I don’t know,” Francesca beamed unhappily, “I trust my judgement anyway!”

Danrique looked at her cute looking face. His lips raised in a bewildering curve, and held out his hand to her, “Come here!”

Francesca, barefoot, climbed onto the table like a kitten.

Danrique yanked her directly into his arms and made her sit on top of him, wrapping one hand around her waist and cupping her chin with the other, making her look at him.

Danrique said, “What would you think if I said that those people were really killed by me?”

“What how would you think?” Francesca looked puzzled, “You’re my man, of course I believe you, even if you did kill those people, you still had your reasons!”

“Mm!” Danrique nodded, “They were the ones who poisoned the wine and wanted to poison me, I was just returning the favor!”

Francesca: “You…”

“I changed the wine.” Danrique said indifferently, “They drank the poisoned wine they had put in, and after noticing it, they sent people to hang me, so I killed them all!”

These words were not spoken like a gloomy past, but rather like telling someone else’s story.

Francesca was very sad to hear this.

Danrique’s statement was light, not crying out for his own injustice, but in fact, everyone knew that several first-degree relatives had failed to plot against a 16-year-old child and had their subordinates besiege and hang him.

He was merely trying to protect himself. If he hadn’t resisted at that time, it would have been him, and those who protected him, who would have died!

Francesca hugged him heartily, comforting him in this way.

Of course she knew that he would also hurt and be sad, after all, hearts are made of flesh, being persecuted by loved ones like this, to say that he didn’t feel it would be impossible.

It’s just that he’s good at disguising himself, at pretending to be strong, and at letting go of the past.

He never explained anything to anyone and lets them see him as a bloodthirsty demon.

He, Danrique, didn’t need to get anyone’s approval.

Except for the woman he loved!

“Scared you?” Danrique cupped her face.

Francesca replied: “No.”

There was only heartache in Francesca’s eyes.

“Actually, I shouldn’t have told you about it.” Danrique said and kissed her hair, “I suddenly remembered those past events tonight.”

“Is it because of William?” Francesca asked softly.

“Mmm.” Danrique nodded, “From a certain point of view, William is indeed so similar to the me back then, but he is also not the same. I had my aunt to protect me and my body was sound, and in that respect, he seemed to be worse off than me. Besides, apart from my aunt, I have not asked for help from anyone, nor have I owed anyone, nor have I used or cheated anyone.”


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