The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2819

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2819-“James, I’m afraid this isn’t possible,”

Qusai spoke, “The one guarding Maxine isn’t exactly weak.Besides, she’s gravely injured.If the enemy slices off Maxine’s neck in an instant, we…”

“It’s gonna be alright.”

James said, “I know Curse Magic.I will use it to imprison him, preventing him from fighting back.At that moment, you two should seize the opportunity and strike.”

Brielle said, “If you can restrict the enemy’s movement, everything should be fine.”

The three briefly discussed matters.

Meanwhile, Maveth was already walking toward James.

Soon, he appeared before James.

Looking at James wearing a surly expression, he extended his arm and said smilingly, “I don’t wish to make an enemy out of you, James.However, we only have a limited number of War Orders.So please don’t blame me for this.For the sake of the ultimate providence, I’ll do anything that accomplishes my objectives.”

James looked at him and said, “Can you obtain the ultimate providence even if I give you my War Order?”

“This is none of your concern.Now, give it to me.”

James looked at the War Order in his hand and was reluctant to let go.

Looking at the War Orders in his hand, he handed the item over.

At the same time, dark Demonic Energy circulated in his palms, materializing mysterious symbols that soared to the sky and vanished without a trace.

Though Maveth sensed something was amiss, he could not determine what was wrong.

At that moment, he could not care less and reached out to accept the War Order.

At that moment, James said, “Do it!”‘ Meanwhile, sensing imminent danger, Maveth shouted as well, “Do it!”

However, James had already used Confinement to restrict Kakush’s movements.

After receiving the order, Kakush was about to slash Maxine’s neck when he realized he could not move.

The sword in his hand remained static.

He panicked.

At the same time, Brielle and Qusai had already charged Kakush.

Similarly, James swiftly snatched back the War Order he had just handed to Maveth and stored it in the Celestial Abode.

Immediately, he jabbed at Maveth with the Divine Sword.

Immediately, the first move he made was the First Swordsmanship.

This move was a fusion of thousands of sword techniques.

Though it may seem ordinary at a simple glance, it was all-encompassing and contained countless sword techniques.

Maveth knew nothing about swordsmanship, and as such, could not see through the move.

Before he could even react, his body was pierced by the Divine Sword.

After his body was pierced, James summoned his full strength and struck his chest with his palm.

Like a ball, he was immediately sent flying.

At the same time, Qusai and Brielle had already appeared before the stone pillar not too far away.

Kakush, who was imprisoned could not even fight back and was injured by Qusai.

Meanwhile, Brielle went and saved Maxine.

Soon, the two returned and met up with James.

The whole process took place over the span of seconds.


Brielle, who was carrying Maxine, cried out, “Maxine’s fine.However, her injuries are grave and require immediate medical treatment.”

James’ expression was dark as he said, “Leave with Maxine at once.Leave everything else to me.”

Hearing this, Qusai froze and asked, “What are you planning to do, James?”

James clenched the Divine Sword and said coldly, “They don’t deserve to live.”

In the beginning, James did not wish to antagonize the various races that came from all corners of the universe.

However, they crossed the line.

If he did not kill a few of them, they would not learn the lesson.

“Be careful.”

Qusai did not say much and glanced at Brielle, saying, “Let’s go.”


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