The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2873

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2873-The custodian said, “The Ancestral God Rank elixir.”

James was slightly confused.

“The Ancestral God Rank elixir? What’s that? The custodian explained, “When the Earth’s Third Calamity struck, the Human Realm’s Lord, Xandros, left the Demon Realm and returned to Earth.He has gained insight into the Fourth Calamity and learned it would exterminate humanity.There is only one way to save humanity, which is to find the Ancestral God Rank elixir.”

Puzzled, James asked, “Cut to the chase, Ms.Custodian.What exactly is this Ancestral God Rank Elixir? Could one immediately have the strength of an Ancestral God after consuming it?”

“The custodian nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s right.After consuming the Ancestral God Rank elixir, one can temporarily obtain the strength of an individual at the Ancestral God Rank.

As of now, only by reaching the Ancestral God Rank can humanity survive the Fourth Calamity.

“However, According to Xandros and the other powerhouses’ calculations, Heaven’s Adjudicators will descend to Earth and take action against humans.

All the humans will be judged by Heaven’s Adjudicators and killed under the Scythe of Judgment.

“Only Ancestral Gods can stand against the Heaven’s Adjudicators, but there aren’t any powerhouse at the Ancestral God Rank in the current age.

“Therefore, our only hope is to find the Ancestral God Rank elixir from the Primeval Age.”

James listened carefully and asked, “Where can I find the Ancestral God Rank elixir?”

“I’ll bring you to Xandros so you can ask him in person.”

After speaking, the custodian led James out of the Chambers of Scriptures and toward a crack in the sky.

After passing through the crack, they appeared in a certain realm within the Three Thousand Worlds.

There were towering mountains and beautiful scenery.

The realm emanated abundant Spiritual Energy.

On the mountaintop was an open field.

Many people sat on the open field, some old and some young.

These people sat in lotus positions in a circle, and there was a magical force in the center.

As soon as James appeared, he sensed the Curse Magic.

In the center of the group was the Curse Magic.

James looked at them and had a vague idea of the identities of the people gathered there.

They must have been the human race’s hidden powerhouses, most likely at the Grand Emperor Rank.

The custodian brought James to them.

She stood nearby and said, “Xandros.”

At that moment, a middle-aged man stood up.He restrained his energy and walked over.He looked at the custodian and said, “You’re here, Yaraka.”

Yaraka Xenmour nodded lightly and said, “James has returned from the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins.I brought him to see you.”

Hearing this, Xandros looked at James.

James also observed Xandros, the Human Realm’s Lord.He remembered the last time he met Xandros in the Demon Realm.

Back then, Xandros was as skinny as a skeleton.

Xandros was very handsome and had a distinctive temperament.


Xandros looked at James and nodded in satisfaction.

“Having accomplished so much in the Apocalypse Age, you’ll be highly respected by humans in the future.”James replied humbly, “You’re flattering me, Sir.Compared to you seniors, I’m nothing at all.”Xandros waved his hand and said, “Alright.Enough of this useless chatter.I believe you’ve already learned some details about the Fourth Calamity.We have to obtain the Ancestral God Rank elixir to resolve the Fourth Calamity.”

James nodded.



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