The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4808

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4808-He even thought about asking Waleria to show it to him.

Now that the opportunity was right before him, he did not want to miss it.

“Sure.” Sedris agreed without any hesitation.

Their sacred scroll was very mysterious, and the inscriptions within it had many changes.

He had studied it for a long time but could only grasp the basics.

He never successfully cultivated Theos Power.

Despite that, he used the sacred scroll to create other Supernatural Powers.

In the past, he had exchanged sacred scrolls with the other district leaders before.

After reading all of the nine sacred scrolls and combining them, he still could not comprehend them.

Therefore, Sedris was confident James would not be able to learn anything from the sacred scroll.

The trade was worth it.

A ray of light appeared in Sedris’ palm and slowly materialized into a scroll.

He handed it to James and said, “You can return it to me after the Hazeaf Gathering.” James was ecstatic.

However, he did not let it show on his face.

He put the sacred scroll away and asked smilingly, “When would you like to learn the sword technique I’ve obtained from the sword mound?” Sedris replied, “Right now.” “Alright.” James nodded.

Then, he put together a book recording the cultivation method of the Chaos’ Nine Voice.

James did not use text from the Dooms but instead recorded everything with ordinary inscriptions.

He handed the book over to Sedris.

Sedris opened the book and looked through the contents.

After reading it, he came to a huge realization.

He exclaimed, “So that’s how it is.” He looked at James and said, “Although the sword technique is profound, it shouldn’t be hard for me to learn it.

I won’t need your guidance.” James purposely used ordinary inscriptions to avoid having to guide Sedris in cultivating the Chaos’ Nine Voices.

He stood up, clasped his hands, and said, “In that case, I’ll take my leave.” After bidding farewell, James turned around and left.

Waleria remained with Sedris.

After James left, Waleria asked, “Is the sword technique useful to you, sir?” Sedris replied smilingly, “I asked you to find Yhala’s body because I wanted to study the remaining Sword Energy within her.

James’s sword technique forms that kind of Sword Energy.” “What?” Waleria was startled.

“Then…isn’t the sword technique from the Chaos District? Does that mean James is from the Chaos District?” Sedris’ face darkened.

He shook his head and said, “Probably not.

The Chaos District has already been sealed.

We’re unable to enter, but they can’t leave either.

I’ve been to the sword mound before.

The book he gave me contained the same technique.

However, the inscriptions were profound and hard to understand.

I’ve studied them for a while but couldn’t figure it out.

I’m not sure how he managed to decipher them.” Sedris felt slightly worried after thinking about how James had cultivated the Chaos’ Nine Voices from the sword mound.

He murmured, “Perhaps he might really be able to comprehend the sacred scrolls.” He turned to Waleria and asked, “You’ve been with him for a long time, right? Is he able to read the sacred scrolls?” Waleria shook her head and said, “How would I know? He never told me about it.

However, he has seen a few sacred scrolls from the other districts.

Moreover, he cultivated some kind of mysterious power.

I’m not sure whether he learned them from the sacred scrolls.” Waleria did not have the answer either.

Whenever she asked James about it, he would always brush it off.

“However, I’m certain he read the Verde Academy’s sacred scroll and cultivated Verde Power.

I’ve heard from Lothar that only the Verde Academy’s founder has cultivated Verde Power.

Apart from him, nobody else ever succeeded.” “So you think he has cultivated Verde Power?” asked Sedris.

“Yeah.” Waleria nodded.

Although James had never explained himself, she had been with him for some time and observed his every move.

She suspected the power James had cultivated was from the sacred scrolls.


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