The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5086

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5086-The Boundless Pagoda was composed of the 108 Infinity Steles and had a total of 10 forms.

With each of the Ten Path Techniques the Boundless Pagoda’s owner cultivates, a new form would be unlocked.

The tenth form of the Boundless Pagoda was the strongest.

The Boundless Pagoda only had nine floors.

However, an additional floor would be added above the ninth floor after the owner had unlocked the Boundless Pagoda’s tenth form.

Taran sneered.

“Ha! You have Emperor Raiah’s treasure? Interesting.” The powerhouses watched the battle intently from the city wall.

Many human cultivators were also paying close attention to the fight.

They were confused after seeing the Supernatural Powers and treasures James had summoned.

Thea was especially confused by the sight.

She stared at James on the battlefield, frowned, and murmured, “Is he really James? Did I wrongly accuse him?” At that moment, Thea was close to believing that the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest was James.

The Boundless Pagoda belonged to James.

Even if the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest knew everything about James and had the means to copy James’ soul aura and Soul Genesis, he could not force James’ treasure to acknowledge him as its owner.

After realizing the truth, Thea gritted her teeth and cursed,” That bastard.” She recalled James slapping her butt and her pretty face flushed.

“Ts it really James?” “Did we falsely accuse him?” “So the Grand Priest is James?” “He hid his identity to strengthen his mental fortitude just like King Marciais asked him to?” The humans were confused.

James looked at the composed Taran in the distance and chuckled.

Then, he said, “You should raise your guard.

I will use all my strength and won’t show mercy from now on.” Immediately afterward, James performed the Saber Sect’s Sacrilegious Ascension, and the power stored in the microcosms within his body was released.

James instantly took thirty-three consecutive steps, and his aura skyrocketed.

His aura fused with the heaven and earth.

At that moment, James was in his most potent state.

He had used all the power at his disposal, including the Martial Path’s greatest state, the Ten Path Techniques, the Sacrilegious Ascension, and his cultivation base.

At that moment, his aura had surpassed Taran’s.

“His aura is terrifying.” “He’s now stronger than Taran.” “Tf the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest is really James, then Taran really might lose.” “T agree.

Previously, James was only at the Chaos Illimita Rank, but he managed to fight against the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander, Mekaisto.

Now that he’s grown stronger, he might stand a chance against Taran.” The spectators commented while watching from the city wall.

James’ current aura was overpowering Taran’s Curse Magic.

Everyone thought that James would be the winner.

Taran’s expression became solemn after James entered his strongest state.

James’ current state was much more terrifying than King Marciais, who had also mastered the Martial Path.


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