The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5198

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5198-On the mountaintop, James and his members sat in a group as they waited for

the ninth test to be over. They would occasionally discuss issues regarding their

training and cultivation in low voices, but that was all they would talk about.

Eventually, there were only several hundred years left until the end of the ninth


At that moment, a man wearing a gold robe and a purple belt stood up and

walked toward the seal placed over the mountaintop.

He raised his palm and generated several inscriptions. An opening formed

instantly in the barrier of the seal where the inscriptions fused into it.

“Another cultivator managed to learn the contents of the scripture!”

“Even the genius cultivator from Elysium Hall spent almost ten thousand years

to finish learning the scripture. I wonder who and where those five human

cultivators have come from. They’ve managed to get to the mountain peak even

faster than Wubbe Nalto from Elysium Hall.”

The other participants could not help feeling amazed as they watched Wubbe

enter the seal and finish the ninth test.

After he had passed through the seal’s barrier, Wubbe walked over to James’


He gave a slight nod and smiled warmly. “I am Wubbe Nalto from Elysium Hall.

Might I ask where the group of you are from? It was amazing you managed to

learn and understand the entire Genesis Path of a plane within such a short


James and the others got to their feet.

James replied smilingly, “It is our pleasure to meet a member of Elysium Hall.

You are the truly amazing one. We didn’t decipher and learn the entire scripture.

We’ve only managed to decipher a small part of the Genesis Path. Then, we

decided to give it a try since we couldn’t understand the rest of it. Fortunately,

you just need to learn part of the scripture to break the seal.”

Wubbe’s brows twitched as he listened to James’ words.

He thought that James and his members were superior, competent cultivators.

Wubbe was even planning to befriend their group.

However, Wubbe changed his mind as soon as he heard James’ explanation.

His expression hardened into one of cold indifference.

Without saying another word, he turned around and found a spot further away

from James’ team. Then, he sat down on the ground without sparing them

another glance.

“He’s quite obnoxious,” King Marciais muttered in a small voice.

Still, James wasn’t bothered by Wubbe’s reaction.

Since the seal cast around the mountain peak kept all the sounds inside, the

participants outside did not hear the exchange between James and Wubbe. All

of them were still working hard on deciphering the scripture describing the

Genesis Path.

Soon afterward, another participant managed to learn the entire Genesis Path

and completed the final test. This time, it was a gorgeous lady in a white dress

that had passed through the seal’s barrier.

“Who’s that lady?” King Marciais’ eyes were glued to the lady as he was

completely mesmerized by her beauty.

“Forty-nine, what do I do about this fluttering feeling in my chest?” King Marciais

clutched at his chest. “My heart is beating so fast right now!”

“Just ask for her name if you like her that much,” Taran prodded.

“I… I don’t have the guts to do it.” King Marciais, also known as Zavis, shook his

head. “She’s emanating an aura of at least the Petit Celestial Rank. I’ve only

achieved the Sovereign Third Rank. We’re so different in terms of our powers

and cultivation rank.”

“He’s right.” James cast a glance at the lady. “She’s a talented cultivator from

Jerneeja Valley. Jerneeja Valley is one of the ten great forces that are currently

active in the Central Plane.”

Plane. So, he was well informed about the superior and powerful cultivators

originating from the

Central Plane.

‘There’s no way I can impress someone from one of the ten great forces…”

Zavis dropped his head woefully.

Sevara Lhayme, the lady from Jerneeja Valley overheard James and his

members’ conversation. She merely cast a glance in their direction briefly and

stood quietly on the side.

Not long after Sevara had entered the area within the seal, another cultivator

finished deciphering the entire scripture as well.


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