The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 11

As Gaston began to recognize the old man standing behind, his facial expression took a drastic change.
The old man was the chief of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, and the alpha of the underground world, Lord Lex—Lex Gunther!
He did not have the guts to berate Lord Lex. After all, he still valued his life.
Gaston stood frozen for a moment, as he gathered his thoughts, he immediately smiled and apologized, “Lord Lex, I’m so, so, so sorry, I didn’t know it was you! Please be the bigger man that I know you to be. Please forgive me for what I just said. I know you’re a large-hearted man. Oh, I’m Gaston, you sent someone to call for me? Is the purpose of this meeting to assign additional tasks to me? Perhaps to promote me to be a manager? I promise I will perform to the best of my abilities.”
Lord Lex’s face sank a little. His eyes were gloomy and cold.
He said in a monotone voice, “Let’s talk about it in the meeting room.”
When Gaston saw that Lord Lex had not lashed out at him, he felt a great sense of joy. Lord Lex could not hide his anger. He was fuming and everyone could see it on his face. Gaston guessed it had something to do with Alex who was standing next to Lord Lex.
Gaston thought to himself, ‘It’s over for this fool!’
Lord Lex spoke to one of the personnel standing at the door, “Please show him to the meeting room.”
The man was startled but he still nodded respectfully in agreement.
Lord Lex’s gaze slowly turned towards Alex and he called out, “Master!”
The voice was not loud, but the one who person manning the door was well trained in martial arts and had good hearing and sight. As he heard how Lord Lex had just addressed Alex, his body was frozen solid for a moment.
The security personnel thought to himself, “Master? Since when did the mighty Lord Lex have a master? Someone who commands such respect from Lord Lex must be exceptional.”
As he recalled he had ordered the young man to kneel and apologize, he feared for his life. It’s all over. Today’s date would be marked as the anniversary of his death. The same could be said of Gaston walking next to him. The funny thing was, Gaston had no idea what just happened and was still joyously asking him, “Hey, what’s your name? My name’s Gaston Gates. The owner of Rainbow City is my uncle. I can’t believe Lord Lex has called for me today. It seems that I’ve managed to catch his attention. I think I’ll be here often in the future.”
The security personnel thought to himself, ‘Be here often? There’s still a question mark over whether you’ll be leaving this place alive!’
Gaston continued, “Do you know who that fool is standing at the door? He’s the son of William Rockefeller, the former boss of Rockefeller Group. His glory days are in the past and he’s merely a wimp who depends on women now. He’s been married for a year, but his wife is still a virgin. In fact, she is about to be taken away from him. Isn’t this a funny story?”
The security personnel remained silent. Gaston just hummed softly and did not speak another word to him. He cussed in his mind, ‘Bloody fool, this guy is just another idiot. With the support of my uncle, I’ll soon be among the upper management of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, and when that time comes, all it takes will be a gaze from me and you’ll be crushed!’
Soon, they arrived at the meeting room. There was a person who was already kneeling in there as they walked in. Gaston laughingly said, “Who is this guy kneeling here? Did Lord Lex call for me to kick his…” Gaston was not able to finish his sentence before the person kneeling on the ground turned around. “Uncle! It’s you? Why are you kneeling?”
The person kneeling was John Gates, the owner of Rainbow City. He was the one who had signed the deal with Lady Dorothy, representing Ass*x Constructions.
“You b*stard!” John Gates screamed as he jumped up, walked across the room and slapped Gaston so hard that Gaston’s nose started bleeding. He was furious to see Gaston.
Seeing Gaston, John Gates was immediately furious, jumped up, and slapped him so hard.
Gaston was shocked and he said, “Uncle, why are you hitting me?”
“I will kill you!” John roared as he rushed forward, punching and kicking.
At this moment, Alex and Lord Lex walked in together.
“Kneel down!” said John. “Immediately kneel to the master, grovel and apologize! Slap yourself while doing it!”
John Gates kicked Gaston so hard that he almost broke into two.
Gaston took a peek at Alex’s expressionless face. He was confused. He pointed at Alex and shouted, “Uncle, are you crazy? I can overlook the fact that you hit me for no reason, but why do you want me to apologize to this dog? Do you know who he is? He’s just a wimp, a worthless piece of shit. He does not deserve to kneel to me!”
Alex’s facial expression did not change. He’s already gotten used to such insults from Madame Claire over the past ten months.
He had often heard this from Madame Claire’s mouth in the past ten months, and he was used to it.
Lord Lex showed his killing intent and said coldly, “John Gates, you’ve helped raise a wonderful nephew!”
As Lord Lex spoke, the surrounding air froze. John’s heart ached and he had to make a decision on the spot. “Master Lex,” John said, “It is my fault for not teaching him well. I will deal with this animal myself.”
“What?” Gaston could not believe that his uncle had thrown him under the bus. “Uncle John! Please do not go crazy! I’m your only nephew!” Gaston shouted.
John let out a sigh. He was actually hitting Gaston to protect him. He wanted him to show remorse so that Lord Lex might just spare his life. However, it didn’t work according to his plan—his stubborn nephew just didn’t understand the situation and John could only save himself.
“You filthy animal!” shouted John. “You should not have made an enemy of Master Alex and coveted his wife! Today will be the last day of your life!”
“What?” Gaston responded in shock, “He’s no master. He’s just a piece of garbage!”
Lord Lex sneered. “He is the son of an old friend of mine. You treat him as you treat me. Do you think I’m a piece of garbage too?”
Gaston’s eyes opened wide and his mouth was gaping like a dead goldfish. He finally realized his mistake.
He was really going to pay with his life for his stupidity!
Gaston quickly kneeled and said, “I’m sorry Master Alex! I’m just putting up an act for money. Master Alex, I’m not really lusting for your wife to accompany me.”
Alex was stunned for a moment, and Spark Rockefeller came to mind.
“Now tell me, who is behind the whole ordeal?” Alex asked while his gaze pierced through Gaston.
Gaston knew the trouble he was in and dared not to hide anything from Alex. He said, “It’s Spark, the bastard said that as long as I did this favor for him, he would give me 10 million dollars and three beauties! I was blinded by my greed. I promise I will never do it again. Master Alex, please spare my life! I swear, from now on, I am willing to be your lap dog. May I be struck by lightning if I’m lying to you.”
Alex was full of murderous intent. It was really that son of a b*tch Spark that was behind all of this.


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