The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1124

Alex calmly replied, “Travelling, going on a honeymoon, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to be happy, right?”
A cold expression crossed Thea’s face.
However, after sitting on the cold bench in the plane as well as getting slapped, she realized that Hubert was a little disgusted with what she had done and thought to herself, ‘I’ll let this b*tch off for now. I’ll get them the next time I have the chance.’
The helicopter landed in the small town of Morro.
In this place, it was obvious that the economy wasn’t prosperous. Even though it was a market town, it didn’t look any different from those in California’s countryside. There was only one place that looked sophisticated and could be called magnificent.
Hubert said in a low voice, “That’s called the Golden Tower, and it’s a casino. The purpose of us coming here this time is to visit that place.”
Alex was surprised. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Didn’t you guys come here to talk about your cosmeceutical business? Why has that changed, and you come here for gambling instead?”
Hubert gave a bitter smile. “Alex, what you don’t know is that the boss of the cosmeceutical business is the same person as the owner of the Golden Tower.”
Alex frowned even deeper at that.
Morro was equivalent to serving as a border for America, and the next point after this was Myanmar. The environment and public security here were incomparable to that of those in Michigan or California. That was why James asked Alex to follow Cheryl here to protect her.
And, for someone to open a huge casino like this in this place, they couldn’t be any ordinary person, right?
“Just the two of you coming all the way to talk to a boss who’s the owner of a big casino? You’re really bold.”
Alex was a little doubtful.
“There wasn’t any choice,” Hubert said. “I have to take risks and fight for it. Of course, Thea is a girl, so I never intended to bring her in with me. She’ll wait outside.”
Thea chose to speak up at this moment “Talking business with the owner of the Golden Tower isn’t an easy task, anyway, and there are a lot of risks that are out of our control. If it wasn’t for those others in the Gordon family who stole some of the other tasks, why would Hubert come to a god-forsaken place like this? Luckily, I had the foresight to have him charter a helicopter in advance. Otherwise, you’d still be on the way here on that long mountain road!”
Alex smiled. “Your suggestion isn’t really a good one, though.”
“Hey, what do you mean? We gave you a free ride on the helicopter. Not only did you not give a single word of thanks, but you also keep going on and on about this.”
“Do you know the saying, ‘opportunity makes thieves’? Using a helicopter so openly and descending into the town like that, it’s broadcasting to everyone that you’re a cash cow. What kind of place is this? We’re on the country’s border, an inhospitable natural environment where poor and wicked people are. Look at how many of them have their eyes upon you. Don’t you think their gazes look like they’ve just seen some fat cash cows?”
Perhaps it was better if Alex hadn’t said anything because once he said it, only then did the few of them realize that something wasn’t right.
“Huh? T-Then, what should we do?” Thea was suddenly panicked.
Even Cheryl looked nervous.
Her appearance was beautiful, and when she arrived here, it was like a beautiful white swan had flown into a bunch of wild ducks, and she instantly became a target of the many men there.
She could already feel the malicious gaze of several men upon her, which were obviously filled with lust that made her feel uncomfortably naked under their stares.
Alex took Cheryl’s hand and said, “Don’t worry. No one can hurt you while I’m around.”
“You speak as though you were some Grandmaster in martial arts,” Thea said contemptuously.
“Even a Grandmaster in martial arts isn’t anything significant in my eyes,” Alex said calmly.
“Ptooey! I really can’t tell that you’re a person who brags, Alex. You talk so big, do you even know what a Grandmaster in martial arts is? They can kill you a thousand times over with just a single finger!” Thea sneered.
The expression on Hubert’s face clearly stated that he also thought Alex was bragging.
He smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry so much. Before I came here, I already had a talk with the owner of the Golden Tower on the phone. The Gordon family still has some kinship with Missouri’s Coleman family after all, and they’ll give me some face. It’ll be fine! Let’s go into town and settle in the inn first!”
Here, there was only one inn.
As a result, when they entered the inn, they saw a woman coming in from the outside. Looking closer, it seemed to be that woman from the Divine Constabulary on the plane just now who had slapped Thea.
As for the woman, she was obviously also taken aback when she caught sight of the few of them.


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