The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 12

Lord Lex kicked Gaston and shouted, “It’s too late to beg for mercy now! Drag him out and drown him.”
The security guard lunged forward. At this moment, Gaston’s desire to live kicked into overdrive. He groveled over and over again. His forehead was split open by the force and blood gushed out. Gaston shouted, “Lord Lex, please spare my life! Uncle John, please help me! I know I was in the wrong. I really do. Master Alex, please spare me!”
The sight was difficult for John Gates to bear, but he could not mutter a word.
Alex glanced at Gaston and said, “Keep him alive, he could still be useful to us.”
Upon hearing Alex’s words, gratitude was written all over John’s face. He quickly kicked Gaston and said, “Quickly thank Master Alex. Remember, he’ll be your master from now on!”
Gaston hastily groveled and said, “Thank you! Thank you Master Alex!”
Lord Lex could not hide the anger in this voice and said, “Spark Rockefeller, he deserves a terrible death for his atrocities. I will send someone to bring him here. We will tear his body from limb to limb!”
In his mind, Alex wanted to see how Spark would react once everyone knew what he had done. He also wanted to see the look on Madame Claire’s face when she realized she had been made a fool of.
He waved off his hand and said, “Hold it for now. I will deal with Spark personally. Isn’t he trying to act like a hero, a good savior? I will ruin his reputation and his life.”
Then he solemnly said to Gaston, “Remember, don’t you dare tell anyone of my identity. If my mother-in-law knows about it, I will make sure you swim with the fishes.”
Gaston hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes, my lips are sealed! Master, you are smart, playing dumb to serve the best dish of revenge to Spark!”
Alex was amused as Gaston was buttering him up with flattery while blood was still flowing down his forehead.
In Alex’s mind, the person that he wishes to deal with first was Madame Claire. He planned to disgust her by pretending to be poor and not agreeing to a divorce. That should tick her off!
“Alright, we will contact you once you’re needed. For now, make yourself scarce,” said Alex to Gaston.
“Yes Master, I will definitely cooperate and help you to humiliate spark! I never really liked him to begin with. He’s only playing hero with money that he stole from you. He is nothing compared to you.”
Alex added, “Please issue an official apology to my wife from Rainbow City so that she can rest at ease. Do you know how much she has suffered due to your actions? Even if I killed him ten times over, you will still be unable to redeem yourself.
Alex was not in a hurry to go home. He only had half a chicken drumstick; he was not feeling full yet. Accompanied by Lord Lex, Alex had a bountiful feast for lunch. Then, they took a walk in Cali Mall before heading home in the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which had to stop a stone’s throw away from the Ass*x’s villa.
He just ate half of a bowl of salad in the afternoon and his stomach was not full yet.
Accompanied by Lord Lex, he had an extravagant lunch, and then walked around in Hell’s Angels.
After that, he took the Rolls-Royce Phantom car, got off at a few hundred meters away from the Ass*x’s residence, and walked slowly to the villa.
As Alex walked towards the villa, he saw some bags scattered in front of the villa’s gates. Upon closer examination, it turned out that all his belongings had been thrown out. There was a broken photo frame on the ground too. It held Alex’s family portrait of himself and his parents. It had a clear footprint on it; someone obviously stepped on it deliberately.
Alex was enraged and he stormed into the villa yelling, “Who did it? Who stepped on my family portrait?”
Madame Claire, Lady Beatrice, and Spark Rockefeller were in the living room when Alex stormed in.
Madame Claire angrily replied, “I did it! So what if I did? You, piece of trash is about to be divorced, why are you still staying at our house?”
Alex’s eyes were cold and menacing, it was the first time Madame Claire had seen him this way, making her feel uneasy. She fearfully asked, “What are you going to do? Have you gone crazy? Are you going to murder me?”
Lady Beatrice quickly grabbed Madame Claire and said, “My mom stepped on it accidentally.”
Alex blinked and laughingly said, “Mum, you are my mother-in-law, why would I want to kill you? Don’t worry, I will treat you well for the rest of my life and serve you while living and give a proper burial after death.”
When Madame Claire heard it, she was so angry that she was hovering between life and death.
She screamed, “Son of a b*tch! Are you daydreaming? Who is your mother? You can go and give a proper burial for your mother!”
Alex said, “You are my mother!”
“You… get divorced right away, Beatrice, call your sister and tell her to go to the registrar of marriage office immediately.”
Alex shook his head and said, “Mum, there’s no need for that. Dorothy and I would not get divorced. Don’t you wish to have the Rockefeller family’s power? I’m afraid if we get divorced, you will not get what you wish for.”
Spark stood up and said, “Alex, I really didn’t expect that you to really behave like a dog! You still want to continue to milk your relationship with Dorothy for money? It’s just a waste of money keeping you and your mother alive. Let’s just cut to the chase. If you and Dorothy file for divorce, I will give you another additional one million dollars. I will personally see to it that you get a cleaning job in Rockefeller Group. I heard you have been a wonderful nanny here at the Ass*x family, I guess you do have a talent for cleaning.”
Before Alex could reply, Lady Dorothy came running in. The sound her pumps were making was loud and clear. As Lady Dorothy walked in, she happily shouted, “Mom! It has been resolved!”
Madame Claire was confused and asked, “What has been resolved?”
“The problem with Thousand Miles Conglomerate.” Lady Dorothy replied. “John Gates, the man in charge of Rainbow City called me personally and said that he knew of Gaston’s evil deeds and had already given him severe punishment. He ensured that no one from their group will harass us again. I’m so relieved!”
As she spoke, tears fell from her eyes. Only god knows what she had to go through these past two days.
Thousand Miles Conglomerate was putting too much pressure on her. The incident with the Thousand Miles Conglomerate was not the only thing exerting pressure on her, but when her own family found out about this, they didn’t help her at all. Instead, they told her to sleep with Gaston as an apology. Additionally, there was also pressure from Spark and her disappointment in Alex.
She was on the very edge of breaking down.
Alex’s heart sank when he saw Dorothy in this condition. He walked towards Dorothy and said aloud and earnestly, “Darling Dorothy, as I told you, everything will be okay. I will protect you. Whoever dares to bully you will have to step over my dead body.”
At this moment, Spark was glaring daggers at him.
Lady Dorothy looked at him with teary eyes, and said, “Did you really help me solve it? Your father’s friend already stepped in?”
“Of course!” Alex replied.
“Thank you…” Dorothy said, glad that the situation was finally over.
“Silly. We are husband and wife, I will protect you for the rest of our lives.” Alex said as he reached his for Dorothy’s face, wanting to wipe her tears away.
Madame Claire who was standing next to them suddenly gave Alex a push. Alex was not prepared for her sudden action and fell to the ground. His arms hit the edges and corners of the coffee table, bruising and hurting him.
“Mom, are you crazy?” Lady Dorothy said as she quickly helped Alex up, “Alex, are you okay?”
Madame Claire rushed over and pulled Dorothy away and said, “Who the hell is crazy? Do you think he’s the one who helped you? What abilities does he have? All of this was resolved because of Spark!”
Spark was still in a state of confusion from the news. He was thinking, ‘What in the world is Gaston doing? He took my money and yet he couldn’t pull off his part of the deal?’
When he heard what Madame Claire had just said, he immediately chuckled and said, “Yes, I called my dad to meet John Gates. Alex, stop pretending you are capable of anything. Have you forgotten that your dad was sentenced for corruption? What kind of person is still his friend? Don’t believe him Dorothy, he even lied about buying four million dollars worth of jewelry, but it turned out to be made of glass!”
Lady Dorothy’s heart was filled with suspicion when she heard what Spark had to say.


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