The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1242

Gold and Silver Ghost’s expressions suddenly stiffened. In the next second, the two’s chests were shocked and their eyeballs even popped out. An invisible force forcibly squeezed the two’s hearts until they exploded!
Gold and Silver Ghost were dead!
Zella Yaeger just happened to watch the sudden death scene of the two people, she felt that it was extremely surreal. Gold and Silver Ghost, who had gone to great lengths in order to chase after her and even driven her to the brink of desperation several times, died in the blink of an eye in Aunt Rockefeller’s hands. Most importantly, Aunt Rockfeller had not even touched them with her own hands from start to end.
Just how powerful was she?
However, this place was the downtown area of Alaska. The previous chase between Zella and Gold and Silver Ghost on the road had already attracted the attention of several onlookers. And now, with the mysterious death of Gold and Silver Ghost, it immediately sent the crowd into panic. Many of them were yelling and screaming, while some even pulled out their phones to take videos.
Aunt Rockefeller turned to Alex and said, “It looks like we’ve caused a panic among the masses. Do you want to call Zachary Xavier and ask him to come for emergency help?”
Alex’s face twitched.
It felt like Zachary had really become like a firefighter, he was needed wherever something went wrong. Alex helplessly gave Zachary another call.
When Zachary heard the situation, he was really about to have a mental breakdown.
‘Are these two people some kind of disasters?’
‘How could there be trouble wherever they went?’
‘From the Melvis family, to the Seay family’s hotel and to Caring Kindergarten. Finally, it’s the downtown streets now. Is there no end to this?’
However, Zachary still needed the pills from Alex to recover his martial foundation. Even though there were tiny complaints in his heart, he didn’t dare to give a whine to Alex. Moreover, he still had to show enthusiasm. “Don’t worry, Alex. I’ll rush over personally now! Don’t worry about the trouble. What the people in Divine Constabulary fear the least is trouble. Under the great state of Alaska, there are actually people who are still bold enough to snatch civilian women and persecute children in broad daylight. It’s not a pity for people like those to die. As an elder of Divine Constabulary, you have the obligation to punish and eliminate these evils, you’re doing a meritorious service!”
Once Zachary finished speaking, he rushed over immediately.
At this time, Zella no longer resisted nor doubted Alex and Aunt Rockefeller’s intention. She also knelt directly in front of Aunt Rockefeller. “Savior, I am willing to follow you, to work like a horse for you. I implore that you find us mother daughter a way to live.”
Seeing her mother being made to kneel, Winniefred looked like she was about to cry.
However, she was well behaved and sensible, so she followed her mother’s example, kneeling down slowly with her head drooped low.
Aunt Rockefeller said, “Now do you believe that I can protect you? You don’t have to lie anymore, do you?”
“Savior, I’ll explain it. It’s because I was really fooled once. At that time, Winnie and I were almost killed, so I don’t dare to easily trust others,” Zella explained.
“Alright. Then, go back and pack your things. Later, follow us to California.”
“Yes, Savior!” Zella nodded.
“You don’t have to call me ‘Savior’ in the future, just call me ‘Aunt’.” Aunt Rockefeller said instead.
Alex was stunned immediately and exclaimed, “Your nickname is really ‘Aunt’? So, you’re not my real aunt?!”
“I am your aunt!” Aunt Rockefeller said.
Later, the group took a trip to where Zella was currently staying.
What surprised Alex and Aunt Rockefeller was that they actually lived in a basement of a replacement house. The space was small, and the air flow was bad as well. More importantly, there were a few people living in the same space, and they all had complications.
The moment Zella appeared, Alex saw several ill intended smiles being shot over with all of them landed on Zella’s body. Those eyes were exactly the same as the ones that Gold and Silver Ghost had.
After opening the door, the few people were stunned. There was actually a person inside. A middle-aged man was lying sprawled out on the bed.
When he saw Zella and the others walk in, he got up in an unhurried and calm manner, and said, “Zella Yaeger, do you have the money now or not? The rent can’t be delayed any longer! If you don’t pay the rent, then I have to take back your room. Moreover, you can only pay the rent for these two months with your body.”


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