The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 13

Lady Dorothy trusted in Alex, but what Alex said was hard to believe. Most importantly, he had spent ten months not being himself, and that impression lingered on in her mind.
Alex stared at Spark coldly. “Again with the lies. I want to see until when you’d stop lying. Do you think your lies were flawless? Will you use the Thousand Miles Conglomerate to force me to divorce Dorothy? What kind of joke is that! Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s John Gates, right? He was kneeling in front of me just now, begging for mercy.”
Everyone sneered. Even Lady Dorothy was disappointed in Alex, thinking he was lying.
Spark laughed loudly, “Alex, I didn’t expect that you are really so delusional and had such hallucinations in your mind. John Gates of Thousand Miles Conglomerate kneeled before you? Why don’t you say that Lord Lex works for you?”
Alex sneered. ‘Lord Lex Gunther does work for me.’
However, it was not time yet to let the cat out of the bag.
He looked at Lady Dorothy and said, “Dorothy, everything was caused by him. It was he who gave Gaston fifty million dollars and promised him three beauties. He is trying to create a situation that will force you to become his wife. Am I right, Spark?”
When Spark heard it, there was a trace of panic in his eyes. Alex had just exposed the truth in front of everybody.
But at this moment, Madame Claire grabbed a broom, hit Alex on the head, and cussed, “Nonsense! It’s all you, a bastard making up fairy tales in your mind! Stop spouting such nonsense. Fifty million dollars and three women? Are you crazy? With so much money, he can get any woman he wants. Why would he do that just for a chance to get with my Dorothy?”
Alex grabbed the broom and replied, “Because he is a pervert that wants to marry his sister-in-law.”
Spark said angrily, “You must have gone insane, I’m not going to entertain you.”
After that, Madame Claire started to hit Alex furiously, chasing him out of the Ass*x’s villa shouting, “Get out, get out, do not take a single step into our family home from now on!”
Alex tried to speak to Lady Dorothy that was still inside the house and said, “Dorothy, think about it, I can bear being treated like trash, I can be beaten and scolded by your mother, and I have never lied to you.”
Bang! Madame Claire shut the gates.
Alex took a deep breath, trying to calm his impulsiveness and anger, and picked up his luggage that was thrown outside the house.
Spark smiled and looked at Lady Dorothy and said without shame, “Dorothy, look. My dad has helped you solve the problem, you can file for divorce today!”
Lady Dorothy was suspicious. “Spark, didn’t you say that your dad wouldn’t step in to help if I wasn’t divorced? I don’t know who to trust now!”
Lady Beatrice said, “Sister, are you possessed? Are you going to believe that crazy and delusional person?”
Spark then said, “You don’t believe me, do you? I’ll go to my dad and he’ll prove it to you.”
He left in a hurry after saying that.
In fact, he was a little panicked and rushed to find Gaston to ask what the situation was.
Madame Claire quickly praised, “Good son-in-law, I believe you, tell him that I’m so thankful!”
Spark nodded, opened the door, and left.
Alex saw Spark getting into his Lamborghini with a warm farewell from Madame Claire and Lady Beatrice.
“Ew, can you move faster? Clean up your things and get out of here!” said Madame Claire as she spat at Alex’s feet when returning inside.
Alex just finished packing up, he only took the things that were important for him. He threw away the rest of his belongings and planned to buy new ones. After all, he now had an unlimited amount of money.
Just as he was about to leave, Lady Dorothy rushed over. “Alex, please don’t leave!” said Dorothy. Alex stopped and turned around. He was disappointed that Dorothy still had doubts regarding what he said.
With a bitter smile, Alex said, “All my belongings have been thrown out, should I sleep at the gates if I don’t leave?”
Dorothy replied, “If what you told me is true, there’s no need for you to feel guilty. If you are not guilty, why should you leave? My mother is determined to let Spark into our family. If he’s the person behind all of this, why don’t you stay and protect me? What if my mother drugs me before calling Spark over?”
As Alex mulled over it, that old witch may really be able to pull it off just for the sake of money.
Looking at Madame Claire, who was staring at him fiercely as a tiger, he nodded and said, “You are right, I shouldn’t leave, I’m still your husband, and I will be your husband forever.”
Madame Claire angrily rushed out with a broom.
Lady Dorothy stood in front of Alex and said, “Mom, if you want to kick him out, I will go with him. Maybe when our children grow up, I will come back to see you.”
When Madame Claire heard it, she was dumbfounded and returned to the room angrily.
Deep down, she knew that Lady Dorothy could really do it, just like ten months ago, stab herself in the chest for Alex.
Lady Dorothy said to Alex again, “Prove it to me.”
Alex replied, “What do you want me to prove?”
Lady Dorothy said, “Prove that you can protect me in the future. Otherwise, you will still be driven away by my mother. I will still…become Spark’s woman.”
Alex smiled confidently and said, “Don’t worry, I will prove it to you. I remember that two days from now will be the anniversary celebration of Ass*x Constructions. The younger generation of the Ass*x family will compete with their annual performance. I have a gift for you before that.”
“What gift?” Dorothy asked curiously.
“I would rather not say it but prove to you with my actions,” Alex replied.
Lady Dorothy was suspicious, but he didn’t seem to be lying.
Then she asked, “Where is the wedding ring? Didn’t you buy it back?”
Alex quickly took the ring out of his pocket.
“Help me to put on!” Dorothy commanded.
Alex was very happy and shook in joy as he held her soft silky hands and gently put the ring on her finger.
Lady Dorothy knew that it was really her wedding ring. Her eyes were teary as she said, “Alex, I hope you are not lying to me. This is the second time I’ve asked you to put on the ring, and it’s the last time. If you lose it again, it will be over between us.”
Madame Claire rushed out again. “Let go, who gave you permission to touch my daughter? If you want to stay at my house, go cook, mop the floor, and handwash all the clothes.”
Meanwhile, Spark called Gaston Gates, “Gaston, what are you doing? Why didn’t you keep up your end of the bargain? You dropped the ball at the last minute.”


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