The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 14

When Gaston received the call, he was having his wounds treated at the hospital.
His forehead was split open and his face was swollen. His whole body was blue and purple with bruises.
With every instance of pain that he felt, he kept cursing Spark in his mind. If it weren’t for helping that scheming bastard, he would not have ended up in his current condition. He just barely avoided being drowned.
When he heard Spark questioning him, he couldn’t help but felt like cussing. However, he remembered Alex’s instructions and told Spark, “Don’t ask me any questions about this, I have no answer for you. I’ll be going overseas. You can handle the situation on your own.”
Click! Gaston hung up on Spark and turned his phone off and couldn’t be contacted again. Spark was furious. His gut ballooned with rage. Gaston took his money but didn’t do as he asked. However, Gaston was the nephew of the powerful John Gates, a person of high status within Thousand Miles Conglomerate and Spark did not have the audacity to do anything to Gaston.
Soon, he reached home. The Rockefeller family’s home was a huge manor. On Alex’s seventh birthday, his father William Rockefeller had spent a small fortune to purchase the manor as a birthday gift for Alex. The irony was that as the rest of the Rockefeller family moved in, Alex and Brittany were kicked out of the house.
As soon as Spark entered, his grandfather, Bill Rockefeller smiled at him. “Where did you go, Spark? Your face looks gloomy and angry. Is someone bothering you? Let me help you.”
Spark instantly replied, “Alex!”
Bill Rockefeller snorted coldly. “That useless son of a b*tch? How can he mess with you in his current state?”
Alex was stunned. “Son of a b*tch? Grandpa, isn’t Alex, my uncle’s son?”
Bill’s eyes blinked and he tried to back paddle, “What I meant was that he was the bastard that I kicked out of this house. Tell me, how did he mess with you?”
Spark said, “That piece of human garbage obviously has no ability or power but refused to concede and divorce Lady Dorothy. Such a shameless guy! Disgusting!”
Bill’s eyes lit up. “Spark, do you like that Lady Dorothy?”
Spark admitted, “Yes, I want to marry her.”
If this conversation had happened between any other grandfather and grandson, Spark would have been slapped for lusting over his own sister-in-law. But Bill was not any other grandfather and he laughed. “Spark, you have finally grown up. That Dorothy Ass*x is indeed a beauty. It is unfortunate that she’s married to Alex. Since you like her that much, then I will go to the Ass*x family’s residence and help you convince the old lady of the Ass*x family. I believe that you will have her blessings.”
“Really? Thank you, Grandpa!” Spark was happy to hear what his grandfather had said.
“You are my grandson, why wouldn’t I help you? As long as you can give me a bunch of great-grandchildren! That Alex is completely useless. He’s the dark horse of my Rockefeller family. Our reputation has been tarnished by his existence. He is not worthy of having such a wife.”
At the same time, Alex had just sent a message to Lord Lex, instructing him to sign a big contract with Dorothy as soon as possible.
Thousand Miles Conglomerate was involved in practically every industry. Just by signing a deal with them, Dorothy would be able to stand tall with pride amongst the family elders.
Come to think of it, things had not been easy for Madame Claire in the Ass*x family. The head of the family was Madame Joanne, Dorothy’s grandmother. The old lady had three sons, Benny, Anderson, and Henry Ass*x. Madame Claire was the wife of the youngest son, Henry Ass*x. When Dorothy was sixteen years old, Madame Claire had caught him cheating with his secretary. The very next day, Henry had run away with his mistress. No one had heard from him ever since and no one knew if he’s still alive. The old lady blamed Madame Claire for the disappearance of her son. She was never fond of Madame Claire in the first place and her opinion of Madame Claire had only gotten worse ever since. Joanne even disliked Beatrice and Dorothy for this very reason.
Soon, Alex received a response from Lord Lex, “Noted Master. A contract worth a billion dollars will be finalized with Lady Dorothy tomorrow.”
Alex couldn’t fall asleep as his mind was filled with regret. He owed Dorothy too much and wanted to talk to her. He mustered up his courage and went to the second floor to look for Dorothy. The door was unlocked, and it was open. Alex peeked inside. “Dorothy…” He was shocked as he saw Madame Claire coming out of the shower with only a towel covering her body.
Madame Claire screamed, “You pervert! Who gave you permission to come up here? What do you intend to do in the middle of the night? Get out! Immediately!”
This caused a great ruckus in the Ass*x’s villa.
Madame Joanne welcomed two unexpected guests at the old Ass*x manor the next morning. The head of the Rockefeller family, Bill Rockefeller and Spark Rockefeller, the young director of Rockefeller Group had come to visit her. In comparison to the hugely influential and powerful Rockefeller Group, Ass*x Constructions was but a small company.
The old lady was surprised when she found out the reason for their visit. “Sir Rockefeller, our Dorothy is already married. Are you sure that your grandson wants to marry her?” she asked.
“Yes, it is Lady Dorothy that I want to marry!” Spark chimed in. “I’ve fallen in love with Dorothy at first sight. Besides, her marriage to Alex is only on paper, they’ve never been allowed to sleep together.”
Madame Joanne replied, “Your reputation will be tarnished. I have another granddaughter named Emma…”
Spark shook his head and said, “I only want Lady Dorothy.”
Bill Rockefeller smiled and chimed in, “Madame Joanne, I hear that Ass*x Constructions has not been doing too well recently. I’m willing to help you tide over your difficulties.”
Just as Bill finished his sentence, Anderson Ass*x, the second son of Madame Joanne ran in and said with excitement, “Mom! We have just received confirmation that Thousand Miles Conglomerate will be signing a deal worth a billion dollars with us!”
“Oh, good news, really great news…” The old lady clapped her hands and said happily. She then looked at Bill Rockefeller with a dazed expression, “Sir Rockefeller, great! You’ve pulled the strings for Thousand Miles Conglomerate to sign a business deal with us. It’s vastly admirable, old man, thank you! You have my blessing for this marriage.”
Bill Rockefeller was shocked. He didn’t even know anyone in Thousand Miles Conglomerate. However, it was a wonderful opportunity that fate had given him. Bill said, “It’s just a small matter. Lord Lex of Thousand Miles Conglomerate is a personal friend of mine. I just asked for a small favor, nothing is too much as long as we can help the Ass*x family.”
Madame Joanne smiled and said, “This is great! Spark, I like you very much. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of our Ass*x Constructions. We will be hosting a banquet in celebration. Why don’t I announce Dorothy’s marriage to you and the banquet tomorrow?”
Spark was overjoyed and said, “Thank you, thank you Grandma!”


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