The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1493

Alex was stunned.

‘What was going on? Was it an illusion?’

He blinked. ‘Wait, how come it was gone now?’

‘No, no. Something’s not right!’

‘It’s the eyes. There was a golden light just now. That feeling was… Bizarre! It’s… The soul energy has been shattered by the Chaos Bead when the great monk, Revealer, turned into a golden light and entered my body. So, what in the world is this?’

In the next moment, he suddenly had a clear understanding.

It was the blessing and insightfulness of the Divine Eye. It could see through illusions and see through anything obstructing his view.

‘F*ck, will there be any other side effects? Could it be that the two souls of the monk didn’t really disappear? It won’t let me see through the entire mortal world, right?’

When Alex thought about it this way, and when he could finally almost control this Buddhist secret technique, he looked at Dorothy once again, and it became even clearer…

Core Formation!

‘Oh my god!’

His wife, Dorothy Ass*x, had reached the rank of Core Formation.

However, he hadn’t felt it at all before this. Wasn’t it impossible for her to cultivate? Wasn’t she unable to exert even a bit of inner strength? What was going on?

How did she suddenly surpass him and reached the rank of Core Formation?!

From Alex’s experience with the martial artists and fighters he had come across, there were similarities in the early stages between martial arts and cultivation.

His current level now was the pinnacle of the rank in Divine Transcendence, and his strength was comparable to that of a peak Grandmaster. If you added in the various additional techniques he had, it was completely different. He could easily kill a Grandmaster at his peak almost instantly. And for those in the rank of Innate Martial Honor, their strength would be equivalent to those in the rank of Core Formation.

For example, Geronimo at his level right now could fight against a Core Formation.

This meant that Dorothy was equivalent to an Innate Martial Honor master right now.

However, cultivation was still above martial arts by a big gap, as countless external aids could be used, such as spiritual weapons, spells, talismans, formations, among others. Everyone was bare-handed, which might even seem like they were fooling around. Still, in reality, if a cultivator was compared to a martial artist, it was like comparing a grown adult holding a gun
against an adult who was barehanded.

“Brother-in-law, Brother-in-law, what’s wrong? What’s got you dumbfounded?”

Beatrice had noticed Alex’s strange behavior and had quickly nudged him. The fish in the pan was about to be burnt. “You’ve just not seen each other for a short while, and you’ve been fascinated by my sister’s beauty?”

Though that was what she said in her mouth, her heart felt extremely sour.

Beatrice had deliberately dressed up like this and even created chances for Alex to admire her. For example, she had purposely lowered her neckline and deliberately stuck out her butt. She even helped him put on the apron, pushing her body against him lightly. If it were anyone else, they’d have happily taken the chance and probably wouldn’t be able to control their urges. However, it seemed like Alex wasn’t affected at all, which discouraged Beatrice.

There was a thought that maybe he couldn’t get it up in the first place.

Yet, now, as soon as her sister had appeared, he seemed firmly attracted to her like a magnet, and his eyes wouldn’t even move an inch from her.

‘Sigh!’ Beatrice sighed inwardly. ‘In his eyes, there only is Sister! He doesn’t see or treat me as a woman at all!’

She was a little discouraged, but she also knew that trying to seduce Alex using her beauty was an impossible task, and there was a part of her that already wanted to give up.

“Dorothy, you…”

There were a lot of questions Alex wanted to ask, but he didn’t know how to phrase them.

Finally, Dorothy said, “You can continue cooking first. Once you’re done, come to my room. I have something to tell you.”


Alex had no mood to continue cooking after that.

He cooked a few dishes, finishing them up neatly before throwing the last one to Beatrice to handle. “The last one is beetroot soup. I’ll leave it to you to try. Just follow what I told you to do, and control the heat! 100 points! As long as you do a passable job, I’ll reward you.”

Beatrice’s eyes lit up. “Really? What’s the reward?”

Alex replied, “You’ll know when the time comes. It won’t disappoint you.”

“Okay, Brother-in-law. I’ll do my best.”

Beatrice raised her hand to give him a high five.

Alex was stunned, then he reached out to return that high live.

This feeling wasn’t too bad. It was just like what life should be for a pair of a brother and sister-in-law.


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