The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1506

Darven said, “We should hurry and look for a way out. This space is enclosed. Even if there’s no other danger, we’ll die of suffocation over time.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The few people searched around at once to find out if they could look for an exit.

However, after searching for a long time, they still could not find a way out. It was as if this were a completely enclosed space. Quincy was so furious that he slapped the wall consecutively to vent the resentment in his heart. “Told you, Caesar’s tomb is a scary place. Now we’re trapped after coming in here. It’s deliberately trying to suffocate us to death or starve us to death! I’ve raided so many tombs. This is the creepiest one.”

As a result, as he kept slapping on it, he suddenly hit something with a click sound.

It was the sound of a certain machine!


Densely packed tens of thousands of holes appeared on the wall right away.

“What are these?” Quincy called out.

“Be careful!” Zayne roared and opened up the Invincible Umbrella.

Immediately afterward, many needles shot out of the holes in the wall in a flash.

Each one glowed with blue light. They were venomous needles!

The person who designed the trap did not plan to leave anyone alive nor any chance of survival. With such a great density and number of venomous needles, who could block them if it were ordinary people?

The two disciple brothers, Quincy and Zayne, tacitly used the Invincible Umbrella to support their bodies at the same time. The two umbrellas happened to form an encirclement to block the venomous needles, but they could not care about the others.

The two brothers looked at each other as their hearts sank with restlessness. They felt that the others would not be able to dodge the needles for sure. Perhaps they had already been pierced so much they looked like hedgeho gs by the venomous needles.

Hearing the clanging sound, they curled into a ball and dared not move at all.

Until all the sounds ceased, they dared not to relax the slightest, even for a brief while.

Quincy said with a crying face, “Senior, do you regret it now? I’m afraid only we, the disciple, are still alive, and the others are all dead. This Rockefeller retard is a vermin. It’s fine if he had a death wish, but he even dragged so many people into becoming his scapegoats. Oh great, even his wife is dead now.”


As soon as that guy said that, he dropped the Invincible Umbrella in his hand from shock.

Alex said coldly, “Quincy Zoppins, whom did you call retard?”

“Uh…” The two people put down the Invincible Umbrella and stood up.

They were surprised to find everyone was still alive. Unexpectedly, no one died.

‘This was too outrageous, right?’

How could they be safe and sound after being attacked by so many densely packed venomous needles?

Never did they expect that Alex had instantly put on the Mystic Armor and protected the others inside it. So, they were naturally unharmed.

On the other hand, when Darven, Kenneth, and the others saw Alex, Maya, and the others had such powerful forces, their confidence significantly increased.

“Look, a door has appeared on the front wall!” Waltz said as she pointed ahead.


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