The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 16

Lady Emma smiled and said, “You really don’t have a clue? Interesting! You’ll find out soon. By the way, congratulations in advance!”
Dorothy’s and Alex’s eyes met. They knew something bad was going to happen.
Alex had a bad feeling as he saw Spark in the hall.
It was almost four o’clock and was already a crowd in the banquet hall.
Madame Joanne with rosy cheeks in a plain moon-white dress stood under the spotlight.
She stretched out both arms and everyone in the hall went silent.
“Today is the fifteenth anniversary of Ass*x Constructions. I would like to thank all of our business partners for your presence tonight.”
Clap…. Clap… Clap…
The crowd applauded.
“According to our usual practice, today, the younger generation of the Ass*x family will be rewarded based on their performance. But this time, there’s a little twist! Because, we have only one winner today, and that’s…”
Madame Joanne paused on purpose.
Next, a light shone on Dorothy.
“My beautiful granddaughter, Dorothy!”
“Dorothy has signed a contract worth a billion-dollar with Thousand Miles Conglomerate, so that makes her the winner of this year’s competition!”
“Dorothy, you did well. I’m very proud of you. Now, come up on stage.”
At this moment, Dorothy became the center of attention.
With the face of an angel and devilish figure, Dorothy looked like a symbol of purity and s*x appeal.
Dorothy’s face blushed, she held Alex’s hand and walked toward the stage.
Alex wanted to let go of her hand, but she held on very tightly and said, “You deserve all the credit, you should come with me.”
Alex took her hand.
Seeing this, made many men green with envy.
Finally, they went up on the stage.
Madame Joanne gave Alex a blank stare. “I only called for Dorothy. It has nothing to do with garbage like you. Why are you even here?”
Dorothy said hurriedly, “Grandma, Alex was the reason we managed to sign the contract with Thousand Miles Conglomerate. He was the one who helped me with this project. Without him, I couldn’t complete this billion-dollar project.”
Madame Joanne gave Alex a cold-eyed stare. “Are you sure?”
Alex nodded, “Yes, Madame!”
Madame Joanne laughed. “Alex, you piece of shit. How can you be so shameless to take credit for this? The billion-dollar contract with Thousand Miles Conglomerate is your doing? How is that even possible?”
Dorothy said anxiously, “Grandma, what he said is true.”
Madame Joanne said sarcastically, “Dorothy, you’ve been deceived by this fraud. Do you know the meaning behind this billion-dollar contract? It’s a wedding gift for you from Rockefeller Group’s young director, Spark! Yesterday, I witnessed and heard with my own eyes and ears that the contract was signed with the help of the head of the Rockefeller family, Sir Bill Rockefeller! Alex, how dare you take the credit! Shameless!”
Both Alex and Dorothy were stunned.
While the rest of the guests in the banquet hall burst into laughter.
Then, Spark walked out, dressed in Armani, looking cool.
He stood in front of Alex proudly.
“Why are you so shameless, Alex? Two days ago, you gave Dorothy a so-called Love in a Fallen City necklace. Then, you spread rumors about Gaston Gates having been taken care of. And now you’re taking credit for the contract? Excuse me?”
Then, Madame Claire appeared.
Without a word, she slapped Alex’s face and shouted, “You’re such a disgrace! Who are you to pull off a billion-dollar contract for Dorothy? Sure enough, full of lies! You’re hopeless! You don’t deserve to be my son-in-law!”
Alex had not expected Spark could be so shameless to this extent.
How dare he spew nonsense in front of all the guests.
But the only thing he cared about was Dorothy. Dorothy’s face turned pale and her eyes became soulless. He hurriedly said, “Dorothy, don’t believe a word that he said, he is lying, I can prove to you the billion-dollar contract was my doing.”
“You rascal!”
Just then, an old man came up.
He was the head of the Rockefeller family, Sir Bill Rockefeller.
Alex looked at Sir Bill Rockefeller in shock. He didn’t expect Sir Bill Rockefeller to be there.
“Rascal, I’m not your grandfather!” Sir Bill pointed to Alex and scolded, “You’re a disgrace to the Rockefellers! That billion-dollar contract was clearly my doing. It was for my grandson, Spark, to give to the Ass*xes as a wedding gift. It has nothing to do with you! You piece of trash! You don’t deserve to be a Rockefeller! Get lost!”


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