The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 17

Alex felt humiliated by Bill Rockefeller.
He recalled what happened ten months ago, where his father William had also been humiliated. He said, “Grandpa, why are you lying? I don’t understand. Both William and I are your family, but why are we an eyesore to you?”
“Why? Because both of you are a disgrace to mankind!”
Alex felt so heartbroken as if a knife stabbed right through it. Tears rolled down his cheeks.
“Dorothy, please trust me, I’ve never lied.” Alex looked at Dorothy with his lonely and helpless eyes.
But Dorothy slapped him and said in tears, “You disappoint me! I thought that you’ve changed, but you’ve become more despicable and shameless. You’re such a terrible liar! I’m sick of you!”
She took off her wedding ring and threw it at Alex.
The ring hit Alex on his face then rolled down to the ground.
Alex’s face turned pale.
Dorothy’s words rang in his ears.
She had said that Alex wouldn’t have the chance to put that ring back on her hand if she took it off again one day.
Disdain and insults from the guests were like swords stabbing through him. But Dorothy’s contemptuous look hurt him the most.
Madame Joanne said, “Alex, all I ask of you is to divorce Dorothy tomorrow. I’ve agreed to Spark and Dorothy’s marriage! Now get lost! This is the Ass*x’s party, you’re uninvited!”
“Wait, Grandma!”
Spark said, “He is Dorothy’s ex-husband. I want him to witness my proposal to Dorothy today.”
Madame Joanne smiled and said, “Very well, do as you please.”
Then, Alex was completely ignored. Alex witnessed Spark’s proposal to Dorothy. Spark got down on one knee and asked, “Dorothy, will you marry me?”
The crowd cheered, “Say yes! Say yes! Marry him! Marry him!”
As Alex saw the proposal, his heart was in such anguish that he couldn’t breathe.
Dorothy looked at Alex in disgust and hate, then she slowly nodded.
Just then, someone shouted from the main entrance of the hall.
“Lord Lex Gunther from Thousand Miles Conglomerate is here to congratulate the newlyweds!”
“Here are some presents for the newlyweds. A pair of golden jade horses, an ancient painting from the Ancient Egyptian Vase from the time of Hatshepsut, a suitcase with 9.9 million dollars of cash, and a billion-dollar contract!”
Everyone in the hall stood up instantly after they heard the entrance of Lord Lex Gunther. They were in awe of the gifts he had presented.
Everyone wondered about the relationship between the Ass*x family with Lord Lex Gunther for him to present them with such extraordinary gifts.
The Ass*x family was thrilled.
Madame Joanne hurried over to welcome Lord Lex Gunther.
Lord Lex Gunther entered the hall accompanied by Sir John Gates, Sir Gary Gaston Gates, and a few executives of Thousand Miles Conglomerate.
Madame Joanne with a big smile on her face said, “Lord Lex, it’s an honor to have you here, welcome!”
Lord Lex said, “Madame Joanne, it’s my pleasure. May I ask, where’s Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller?”
Madame Joanne thought he had come for Spark. She felt so proud of Spark.
“They are in the hall. He is proposing to Dorothy now!”
Lord Lex was curious. “Wow! I’ve never thought that Mr. Rockefeller is so romantic! Interesting! Come, I must see it.”
Soon, they arrived in front of the stage.
Lord Lex Gunther, Sir John Gates, and Sir Gary Gaston Gates were stunned looking at Spark on one knee, with flowers and a ring in his hand proposing to Dorothy.
They were confused.
They had come here for Alex. Sir John Gates and Sir Gary Gaston Gates had specially come to apologize to Dorothy. Alex was nowhere to be seen, but they saw Spark proposing to Alex’s wife.
Lord Lex puzzled and asked, “Madame Joanne, what’s going on?”
Madame Joanne misunderstood his question. She smiled and said, “Spark is proposing to Dorothy! Aren’t they the perfect match for each other?”
Sir John said, “If I remember correctly, Dorothy is married to Mr. Alex…”
Madame Joanne pointed to Alex who was being pushed to a corner and laughed, “Are you referring to that trash? He is not worthy to be Dorothy’s husband! They are getting divorced tomorrow.”
Lord Lex had realized Alex stood at the corner of the hall pitifully mocked.
The crowd then laughed.
“Alex is a piece of shit. Even his grandfather has disowned him.”
“Hahaha. Witnessing his wife about to marry another man and couldn’t do a thing about it. How useless!”
“This trash doesn’t deserve a wife at all! He should be alone for the rest of his life!”
As Lord Lex saw Master Alex being mistreated, tears rolled down his face.
“Shut up!”
Lord Lex roared and pushed Madame Joanne aside. “All of you are despicable! How dare you insult Master Alex!”
Lord Gunter was trembling. He hurried over, bowed to Alex, and said, “Master!”
The crowd that was initially laughing at Alex was shocked. Everyone kept quiet. They looked at Alex in confusion.
Alex took a deep breath and he slowly looked up…


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