The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 18

“What? Did Lord Lex actually address him as his Master?”
“Isn’t Alex an outcast by the Rockefeller family? How can he be associated with Lord Lex who is worth a trillion dollars?”
“Is Alex the real owner of Thousand Miles Conglomerate? If that is true, he might be the richest man in California or the richest man in America.”
“Oh my God, that’s a piece of big news! This is so entertaining!”
Everyone was astonished. They whispered to each other while looking on stage.
The whole Ass*x family was dumbfounded.
Madame Joanne’s body was trembling.
Madame Claire’s eyes were popping out of her head with astonishment.
Dorothy covered her mouth. She was perplexed.
Alex looked at Lord Lex apathetically and asked, “Lord Lex, why are you here?”
Lord Lex replied, “Master Alex, I heard about the Ass*x family’s annual banquet. I came to congratulate and at the same time, hand over the billion-dollar contract. But I didn’t expect to see this.”
Alex glanced over at Dorothy and smiled bitterly. “I’m sorry for what you have seen.”
He took the billion-dollar contract from Lord Lex and tore it in half.
Madame Joanne’s eyes were red in anger. She rushed up and shouted, “Alex! What did you tear?”
Alex said gently, “This is the stamped billion-dollar contract from Thousand Miles Conglomerate.”
Madame Joanne shouted, “You son of a b*tch! How dare you tear up the contract? You’re dead meat!”
Lord Lex took the torn contract from Alex’s hand and tore it into pieces. Then he threw it on Madame Joanne’s face, and roared, “You should be the dead meat!”
At that moment, there was pin-drop silence in the hall.
Madame Joanne felt the pain on her face. She panicked and asked, “Lord Lex, please calm down. What’s going on? This billion-dollar contract should be a proposal gift from Spark to the Ass*x family! Bill! Quick! Explain to Lord Lex that you pulled off the billion-dollar contract! It must not be torn!”
If the billion-dollar contract was torn, there would be no guarantee for the Ass*x family’s wealth and status.
Madame Joanne pulled Sir Bill over, who was standing next to her.
“Haha, haha!”
Lord Lex laughed and stared at Sir Bill. “What did you say? You pulled off the billion-dollar contract, to give the Ass*x family as a gift?”
Sir Bill had not expected Lord Lex’s presence.
He kept quiet and dared not make a sound.
Lord Lex slapped him angrily and said, “You shameless old hag! Get lost! How are you qualified to pull this off?”
Everyone started to doubt who was the one to pull off this billion-dollar contract.
Dorothy’s eyes widened.
She started to doubt if it was really a present from her husband, Alex.
Madame Joanne panicked and asked, “Lord Lex if it’s not the Rockefeller family who pulled it off? Who did?”
Lord Gates snorted coldly, “Are you out of your mind? This billion-dollar contract is a gift from Master Alex to Lady Dorothy! You don’t deserve my compliment. I’m here for Master Alex!”
His statement struck like lightning!
All doubts were cleared.
Dorothy slapped Spark’s face. “You liar!”
At that time, Gaston Gates took the opportunity to kick Spark. “Of course he is a liar!”


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