The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 19

Gaston immediately knelt before Lady Dorothy, “Mrs. Rockefeller, I’m sorry, I came to beg you for forgiveness. I was blinded by my greed and took fifteen million dollars from Spark to do his bidding; to deliberately cause a ruckus and threaten you, all for him to appear as if he’s a hero. He wanted to steal you away from Master Alex. I was wrong, please forgive me.”
Dorothy’s eyes were filled to the brim with tears and she couldn’t hold them back.
Sir John forcefully grabbed the necklace on Madame Claire and threw it to the ground, breaking it and said, “This is a forgery of our Love in a Fallen City necklace. Not only is this illegal, it is also an insult to our company!”
Everyone was shocked by the revelation. Everything Spark had said was a lie. All of Alex’s ridiculous claims were all true, but everyone had doubted him.
At that very moment, Alex felt frustrated. His mind was filled with the scene of Dorothy nodding in agreement to Spark’s proposal. He shed a tear before leaving the hotel swiftly.
Dorothy was so distressed that she couldn’t breathe.
Alex’s earlier promise was ringing in her mind. “ I’ve owed you far too much over the past ten months. I will do my utmost to make it up to you. You’ll have my full support from now on!” However, she had not believed in him. She had chosen to believe in a scum.
Dorothy was on the ground like a madwoman, frantically looking for the wedding ring that she had just thrown away. As she found it and put it back on, Dorothy ran out of the banquet hall shouting, “My dear husband, it was all my fault! Where are you?”
Madame Joanne was like a lost soul. “It is all over for us!” she thought. It was originally meant to be a great day, but it was all turned upside down. Not only did the Ass*x family suffer great humiliation in front of many important guests, but they had also lost the billion-dollar contract and offended Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Her dreams for the Ass*x family to achieve great heights had come to an end before it even started.
“All of this was caused by Bill and Spark Rockefeller!” Madame Joanne thought. She furiously picked up her walking stick and started hitting Bill while screaming, “You damn liar! I’ll kill you!”
After witnessing this mess, Lord Lex let out an apathetic sigh and left with all his men and the gifts they had brought.
After leaving the hotel, Alex went to the hospital. It was the only place he could seek comfort. He wanted to massage his mother’s limbs. It had become part of his daily routine for the past ten months. If a patient in a coma did not receive such treatment daily, they would experience muscle atrophy and osteoarthritis. Even if the patient did wake up in the future, they would be unable to move without significant work in physiotherapy.
Alex knew all of this as he had read many books, articles, and medical journals on taking care of a comatose patient. Perhaps, he was more knowledgeable regarding the subject than most nurses.
At this time, Dr. Cheryl walked in for her routine visit before going off work.
Alex saw that she was wearing the Love in a Fallen City necklace that he had given her. It really suited her beautiful face and the combination could only be described as angelic.
When Dr. Cheryl saw Alex, she smiled and said, “Alex, the glass jewelry that you had gifted me is really beautiful. Many people had been asking where I bought it!”
“Uh,” Alex didn’t know how to respond to Dr. Cheryl’s comment. He was dumbfounded.
Dr. Cheryl didn’t pay much attention to his response or lack of it and conducted the usual checkups for Madame Brittany. As she finished her work, Dr. Cheryl suddenly asked, “Alex, are you free tonight?”
“Why?” Alex replied.
“I want you to be my boyfriend,” said Dr. Cheryl.
“Huh?” Alex was stunned.


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