The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 20

Alex was frozen. She was stunning and her beauty did not pale in comparison to Dorothy’s. But Dr. Cheryl’s figure was more voluptuous. Alex felt like he was dreaming. He thought to himself, ‘Does she know that the necklace is actually genuine and is worth thirty million dollars? Maybe she’s keeping quiet about it but is now aggressively pursuing me!’
As Alex kept thinking, he wondered if Dr. Cheryl was lonely for the night. Should he agree to her request? As he recalled what had happened earlier, his heart was in anguish and he just couldn’t get over it. He decided to agree to Dr. Cheryl’s request.
Dr. Cheryl said, “Well, I have a school reunion dinner tonight and there’s this guy who has been pursuing me for some time. I find him annoying. I would like you to pretend to be my boyfriend and make him stop. Would you be willing to help me?”
Dr. Cheryl was aware that Alex was married and wouldn’t misunderstand her request. She wouldn’t have asked another person.
Alex was a little startled but replied smilingly, “I get it, so this would be just to get rid of a pest. Alright, I’ll help you out.”
He looked at her seductive body and felt a little disappointed yet relieved. What was he thinking? He was a married man.
Suddenly, Alex’s phone rang, and it was a call from Dorothy. It was already her thirteenth call but he’s not ready to speak to her yet. As he recalled the scene of Dorothy nodding in agreement to Spark’s proposal, he was in despair once again. He decided to switch off his phone so that he could have some time to regain his inner peace.
Dr. Cheryl saw it all, she smiled and said, “Alex, what’s going on between you and your wife? Is it true that you both still sleep in separate rooms?”
Alex replied, “Did Chloe tell you that?”
Dr. Cheryl just nodded.
Alex said angrily, “She is such a busybody. Why isn’t she here today?”
Dr. Cheryl shook her head. “I don’t know, I heard that she had an injury and took a few days off.”
Alex just smiled. He knew what had happened to her. She was slapped by the security guard at the L.G. Balfour store and her face was all swollen. She also had a huge fight with her greasy boyfriend. Alex assumed those were the causes of her injury.
Dr. Cheryl said, “I don’t mean to be nosy, but I think that you should have an honest talk with your wife. If you can find common ground, then you can live on well together. Otherwise, just end the relationship quickly. There’s no need to prolong both of your suffering.”
Alex just smiled because he did not know how to react.
Dr. Cheryl was finally done with her work and was ready to leave. She politely asked Alex to wait for her to get her clothes changed. Ten minutes later, Alex could not believe what was in front of his eyes. Dr. Cheryl was no longer wearing her doctor’s gown. She had changed into a figure-hugging black striped dress that showed off all her curves. She had let her silky-smooth hair down and her long pair of slender legs could be seen. On top of that, she was wearing the Love in a Fallen City necklace that Alex had given her. She could only be described as a goddess among goddesses.
Her voluptuous figure was extraordinary. With the figure-hugging dress, she’s basically men’s kryptonite!
She noticed Alex staring at her and she immediately blushed, turning bright red. “What are you looking at, silly?” She asked.
Alex wiped his chin as if there were saliva running down. “Dr. Cheryl, you are really… Really beautiful.
Dr. Cheryl happily replied, “From this moment onwards, you are pretending to be my boyfriend, call me Cheryl.”
“Alright, good!” Alex answered.
The pair headed out the door and left Dr. Cheryl’s office. On their way down, the elevator was very crowded. When it stopped on the fifth floor, a delivery person entered, and the crowd had to squeeze to make space for him. Dr. Cheryl lost her balance and could only lean against Alex.


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