The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 21

At that instant, Alex felt happiness come knocking.
Deep down in his heart, he thought when God closed one door, He opened another.
Dr. Cheryl had wanted to leave, but she couldn’t move an inch. She felt embarrassed and blushed.
When they arrived on the first floor, they walked out of the elevator. Dr. Cheryl glared at him and whispered, “Don’t you dare to mess with me again!”
Alex was aggrieved and said, “Cheryl, the fault is not mine.”
At half-past five, they arrived at Urasawa Restaurant. There were not many customers in the restaurant. But the cars that were parked in front of the restaurant were all high-end luxury cars, and cars that’s worth tens of millions.
“Urasawa Restaurant is the second most expensive restaurant to dine in in California.”
“Seems like you have wealthy classmates to have a reunion gathering here!” Alex said with a smile.
Dr. Cheryl pouted. “The one who invited us here is the guy I dislike the most, and you’re going to deal with him tonight.”
“Okay,” Alex replied.
He knew the guy she mentioned was the one who had a crush on her.
Right at that time, someone from behind shouted, “Cheryl!”
Alex saw a young man in a decent suit. He had a slim body figure and he looked excited but slightly nervous.
“Are you… Chris Feller?” Dr. Cheryl asked.
“Yes, I am! I’m glad that you still remembered me! But who is this?” Chris looked at Alex anxiously.
Chris was so shy that he couldn’t look Dr. Cheryl in the eye.
Alex realized that the suit that Chris was wearing wasn’t an expensive branded suit. The color of the suit had slightly faded as if it had been washed many times. Maybe he couldn’t afford to buy a brand new one.
Dr. Cheryl said, “He is my friend, Alex.”
“Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Chris Feller.”
Alex shook his hand and replied, “Nice to meet you too.”
Dr. Cheryl asked, “Chris, did you come here alone? Where is your girlfriend?”
Chris said, “Oh, we broke up! How about him? Is he your boyfriend?”
With a smile on Dr. Cheryl’s face, she slowly put her arm around Alex’s arm.
Alex felt the strangely warm touch on his arm, and he was on cloud nine.
Chris glanced at Alex and sighed silently.
The goddess of their class had been taken. He felt sad as he had a crush on her.
Then, a waiter guided them to the private dining room where the reunion was held. As soon as Chris opened the door, he said excitedly, “Everyone! Look, who I brought?”
Someone immediately shouted, “Hey nerd, why are you all hyped-up? As if you manage to bring our goddess here.”
Then, Dr. Cheryl who was hiding behind him said, “Hello everyone!”
The crowd in the private dining room cheered, which stirred up the atmosphere instantly.
“Is this really you, Cheryl Coney, the goddess of our class?”
“Well, well, well! It’s been a while, our goddess! We’ve missed you so much!”
“Come and sit next to Benjamin, he’s missed you the most! He was still wondering if you will attend tonight’s dinner!”
“Tonight’s dinner is Benjamin’s treat. Otherwise, we can’t afford to dine in here. I heard that this is the best restaurant owned by Thousand Miles Conglomerate.”
The rest pushed Dr. Cheryl to sit next to Benjamin, which made her flustered.
Alex followed Cheryl and glanced at Benjamin. He wore exquisite Versace clothing, sat comfortably in his chair, and stared at Dr. Cheryl as she walked in.
Right then, a female voice said, “Hey, you bastards! Is Cheryl the only one qualified to be a goddess? Have you all forgotten about me? ”
It was a slightly plump woman with a normal-looking appearance. While talking, she pushed Alex away, looked at him in disgust, and said, “Cleaner, leave the room! You’re in my way! We’ll ask for you when we need you! Get lost now!”
Alex frowned.
Dr. Cheryl grabbed Alex’s arm and said resentfully, “Britney! He is not a cleaner, he is my friend!”
Britney was startled. “Your boyfriend?”
At the same time, Benjamin looked at Alex with animosity.


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