The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 22

Cheryl with a pair of beautiful eyes rested her head on Alex’s shoulder and smiled. “Well, Alex, my boyfriend. What do you think? Are we meant for each other?”
Dr. Cheryl was so beautiful. Many men would dream of having a wife as beautiful as her. Every single move she made captured the hearts of men in the room.
Benjamin looked at Alex with so much hatred as if he could kill Alex with his eyes.
Everyone else in the room was confused and looked at Benjamin.
Then, a man jumped out and said, “Are you kidding, Cheryl? A blind man could see that Benjamin has strong feelings for you! How could you choose a ‘nobody’ over Benjamin!”
Some in the room nodded.
“Yeah, he’s right! Benjamin is a young director of Golden Light Group. He’s worth several billion dollars. Whoever marries him can live in peace for the rest of their lives. Who is this man next to you? He is so poorly dressed as if he works at a construction site. How is he worthy of a goddess like you!”
“I’m way better than you are. If I still don’t deserve to be given the chance to be Cheryl’s boyfriend, how could you deserve it?”
“Stop kidding, Cheryl! He doesn’t deserve to be your boyfriend!” someone from the crowd shouted.
The crowd became more furious and kept insulting both Dr. Cheryl and Alex.
Alex stayed calm. He glanced at Dr. Cheryl and said earnestly, “Love is more valuable than money. Cheryl accepted me because she knew that my love for her is true. She believes that I will be true to her in good times, sickness, and health. I will love and honor her all the days of my life. Moreover, who knows if I will be the richest man in the world in the next few years!”
“Oh please! Cut it out, can’t you! That wedding vow makes me sick!”
“Richest man in the world my ass! Even Lord Lex Gunther won’t approve of that. Why should we believe you?”
“Cheryl, where did you find this piece of shit? Is he a patient from your clinic whom you asked to pretend to be your boyfriend just to annoy Benjamin? Please kick him out, it’s making me sick!”
Cheryl said angrily, “Enough! How could all of you insult my boyfriend! I’m leaving. Alex, let’s go.”
Finally, Benjamin stood up from his chair. He placed his hands on the table and said, “That’s enough. From now on, no more nonsense from anyone. Since he is Cheryl’s friend, then he will be our friend too.”
The crowd ate out of Benjamin’s hand. They shut their mouths and kept quiet.
Britney rolled her eyes, and immediately laughed. “Now that is how a real gentleman behaves! You bunch of useless men are just jealous of Cheryl being taken. Look! Even Benjamin could accept them with open arms, why couldn’t you do the same?”
Britney said that to help Dr. Cheryl relieve the tense atmosphere.
It was a reunion gathering after all. Dr. Cheryl had no choice but to look at Alex apologetically and hinted at him to sit down.
Everyone started to chat again. But the topic revolved around flattering Benjamin.
Alex couldn’t be bothered to listen to those flattering words. Instead, he indulged in the scrumptious food by Urasawa Restaurant.
“Alex, this steak is very delicious. Try it!”
Dr. Cheryl passed him a piece of steak with a big smile on her face.
Alex nodded. “Mmm… It tastes good! This fish is delicious too! Here, have more! It’s good for your health too!”
“Okay! Here! Eat this. It will help to keep your kidney healthy.” Dr. Cheryl replied.
Both Dr. Cheryl and Alex continued feasting without bothering about what’s happening around them.


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