The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 23

As Benjamin saw Dr. Cheryl and Alex enjoying their dinner, he looked at Alex with fiery eyes.
The main reason Benjamin had organized this reunion gathering was to pursue Cheryl. He couldn’t bear to watch Dr. Cheryl and Alex enjoying their sweet moments over dinner.
Bootlickers of Benjamin noticed his anger. Then, they turned and looked at Dr. Cheryl and Alex.
Britney said, “Hey, your name is Alex, right? Have you never tasted such delicious food before? Do you usually eat lunch at the construction site? What is your occupation?”
After Alex finished swallowing a piece of meat, he replied, “I don’t work at the construction site. I’m currently unemployed.”
Everyone laughed.
Benjamin looked at Dr. Cheryl in deep thought. Since Benjamin had pursued Dr. Cheryl for years, he knew that Dr. Cheryl was a kind-hearted person. She had great insight into choosing the best partner for herself. Dr. Cheryl wouldn’t choose a person who was at the bottom of the social hierarchy like Alex as her partner. Benjamin thought, maybe Dr. Cheryl and Alex were putting on an act to test his patience.
So, he pretended to be generous. “Is the food enough? Let me order more for you. Are you looking for a job? A true man should be responsible for his future.”
Everyone smiled.
Britney looked at Alex and said, “Benjamin, it’s hard for some to get a job in this competitive society. Didn’t Golden Light Group establish a new subsidiary recently? Maybe you can help Alex by arranging for him a cleaner position in that company. It’s better than being jobless, staying at home all day.”
Benjamin shook his head, “No, I can’t. Cheryl’s friend is also my friend. He should at least get a white-collar job. Hey Alex, what is your profession? Let me arrange a decent position for you.”
Alex sensed Benjamin’s sarcasm. Benjamin was just trying to amuse himself at Alex’s expense. He rolled his eyes and said, “No thanks. I’m fine. ”
Britney sneered and said, “You really can’t tell chalk from cheese. Or do you really enjoy staying at home being jobless?”
“He is gluttonous and lazy!”
“You’re a good-for-nothing! Stop dreaming about becoming Cheryl’s boyfriend!”
“Cheryl, where did you find this piece of shit? Are we a fool for you?”
Insults after insults were heard from the crowd.
When Britney was about to excuse herself to the washroom, Benjamin said, “Well, we have our own aspirations. Alex already mentioned that he doesn’t want to work, let’s not mention it anymore. Let’s talk about the new subsidiary. This new subsidiary is a partnership with Thousand Miles Conglomerate. It’s a huge company. We are recruiting five thousand employees and we are still short of managers. If anyone is interested do let me know. I’m sure we can offer you some decent positions.”
A woman replied, “I never knew it was a partnership with Thousand Miles Conglomerate. That’s incredible. Thousand Miles Conglomerate is the largest group and strongest in the underworld of California. Benjamin, I’m interested!”
“Count me in too.”
“Me too! Benjamin, you’re our life-saver.”
Flattering words continued to flood the hall. Benjamin looked at Dr. Cheryl arrogantly, but Dr. Cheryl put down the cutlery in her hand and stood up. “Sorry, I have to excuse myself. I have night duties to attend to.”
“Cheryl, why are you leaving so soon?”
Benjamin frowned. He was confused. It turned out to be different from what he thought. He thought that Dr. Cheryl should have continued her act with Alex and waited for him to ask permission from her to be his girlfriend.
“Sorry, my patient is waiting for me. Alex, let’s go!” Dr. Cheryl said.
Alex stood up, nodded, and burped after being full of dinner.
Alex completely ignored all the mockeries and focused on his act as Dr. Cheryl’s boyfriend. He was happy that he had a great meal for free!
Right then, there was a scream at the door, followed by a slapping sound. Then, a woman ran into the room in a panic, her clothes were torn.
It was Britney who had gone to the washroom.
A man came in after her and cursed.


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