The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 25

Benjamin’s heart trembled when he heard Manager Ramsay’s warning. He didn’t dare to continue speaking a word after that.
Everyone else was afraid to speak after they saw Benjamin kept quiet. Especially those who had beaten up the middle-aged man just now, they were shivering.
“This bastard was the one that hit me the hardest.”
The man said while pointing at Dylan.
Another few security guards immediately arrested Dylan with his hands cuffed behind.
“Where is my diamond ring? Give it back to me!” The man stared at Britney coldly.
“I… I didn’t steal it.” Britney said in fear.
Manager Ramsay replied, “How about you admit it and give back the diamond ring. You can’t deny what you’ve done. There are surveillance cameras in our restaurant which have recorded everything.”
Britney shook her head in denial.
The furious middle-aged man tore Britney’s clothes and roughly searched her body.
Britney yelled and burst into tears, seeking help from Benjamin desperately.
But Benjamin stood there and did nothing.
Alex took revenge by standing by and watched what happened to Britney who had mocked him a while ago.
Dr. Cheryl was kind-hearted. She couldn’t bear watching her classmate being bullied. When she was about to speak, a ring fell out of Britney’s pants. It fell to the ground and made a tinkling sound.
It was a diamond ring. From the looks of it, the diamond at least weighed five carats, which was worth more than ten million dollars.
Dr. Cheryl was astounded. She swallowed her words.
Everyone else was astounded too.
They didn’t expect Britney to steal and hide the diamond ring here. Who knew that she was a thief!
Bam! Bam! Bam!
The man punched Britney in her face and kicked her, “What is this? Are you a magician? Can you make this ring that cost twenty million dollars to appear out of nowhere?! You filthy thief!”
Britney cried, “I picked it up from the washroom.”
Alex shook his head. Being caught red-handed for a twenty million dollars worth of diamond ring, no wonder Britney took the risk to deny it. Did she really think that she could possess the diamond ring that she had picked up from the washroom?
Manager Ramsay slapped Britney. “Take her out, I will deal with her later.”
Edgar beat Dylan up as revenge. He punched Dylan’s face with his fist. Then he grabbed the electric baton and swung it hard onto Dylan’s leg.
Crack! Dylan’s calf bone broke.
Dylan screamed. A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.
Dr. Cheryl couldn’t help but say, “This is too much! Britney was the one who stole your diamond ring! Dylan has nothing to do with this! How could you vent your anger and break his leg!”
The middle-aged man raised his head and saw Dr. Cheryl, his eyes brightened.
“Did I go overboard? Of course not!” He looked at Cheryl, “There were more who beat me up just now. My initial idea was to break all their legs. But now I’ve changed my mind. Since you begged for mercy, I will spare them if you accompany me to Hilton Hotel.”
Cheryl’s face turned pale. She glared in anger.
Alex couldn’t stay out of it anymore since Dr. Cheryl was involved.
He put his hand in his pocket and said, “Alright, stop it! What happened today, can you just let it go for my sake?”
Everyone looked at Alex in confusion. The room was in complete silence.
They felt like they were watching an idiot making a fool out of himself by thinking that Edgar would let things go for his sake! They thought that he would be dead meat.


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